Monday, August 8, 2016

Fresh Guava? Yes, Please!

fresh guava fruit
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young woman eating guava
travel indonesia java
market in java indonesia

Not much to say here folks, except that:
1) Guava is really yummy when it's fresh and not canned.. who knew?
2) I have never seen a cart with a built in scale before, which was driven by a bicycle (thank you Indonesia for that)
3) I love that these markets are like farmer's markets back in the US, where you can try the fruit. (Winning my heart over the uber convenient thing which I call a grocery store)

And so, this is my last post from Indonesia... back to the US for a bit, then off to Guatemala! Feeling like a little continent hopping bunny over here, but one of my nicknames is duck, so I'll stick with traveling duck. I am very ready to leave the humidity. See ya on the flip side!

The traveling duck,


  1. I've never had it canned, only fresh. The best I've ever had came from my grandfather's tree in Mexico. These here that you're holding look INCREDIBLE! So big and pretty and pink. I love guava!

    xo Azu

  2. I have never been a fan of guava but it's probably because it isn't fresh... how great that you were able to try it out... I love going to local vegetable/fruit stands, I go to one near by my house at least once a week... I like to support our local farmers and the food tastes so good too... xox

    I hope you have fun in Guatemala xox

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  4. Such cute pics! Love the bursts of pink.

  5. beautiful picture <3


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