Current Location: New York

Hello there, my name is Christine. Just a bit about me, I am a quirky young woman, graduate student based in Guatemala and most importantly, a daughter of the Lord Almighty and a sister in Jesus Christ. Welcome to my little space on the internet! I hope I can inspire you, motivate you, and even make you giggle.

I began this blog in late 2011 with my best friend after a co-worker suggested that I write down all the random and exciting things going on in my life. I took her up on that. And well, here I am nearly six years later logging my travels (which I have had funded through different school projects), investigating ethical fashion(through collaborating and interviewing companies and artisans) and using this same space to journal my faith journey(Bible reflections) as I begin my life as a young woman in Christ. Every day is a journey in itself. I'm not perfect, but strive to be my best... even if I  may complain along the way. :p In conclusion, welcome to my page, I hope you can grow with me!

Why BeYOUtiful Hope?

 When I first asked myself what I wanted my blog to represent I came up with a list of nouns and adjectives which included: beautiful, God, hope, fashion, young women, and strength. I wanted every viewer to realize that beauty is not based on the stipulations of society because each person holds their own beauty.  As children of God, we are all beautiful. My hope for you is simple and genuine.  I wish for you to live up to the potential God has planned for you and for you to see all the beyouty you hold within you so that you may become an even more beyoutiful you.

Why Ethical Fashion?

When I first heard of ethical fashion, I assumed it was ugly and grungy, but it sounded like a responsible fashion choice I should at least consider. Once I discovered all of the amazing and gorgeous ethical options that exist, I decided that there is no need to turn back! Although each purchase is at a higher price point, I still keep to my budget because I wait for sales and specials (Hello Black Friday... when I make my fashion purchases for the year) and I also purchase less overall.

I am always trying to find the best deals on fashion that is environmentally friendly in composition and creation. This means fashion that is of reclaimed materials, low environmental impacts, fair trade standards, and supports community empowerment.  It is so awesome to learn about fashion connects the globe in a positive manner. This is one of the wonderful things about ethical fashion, not only does it look to help the environment, but it also partners more fairly with communities that have been systematically unevenly developed. Check out my resource list of ethical fashion companies!

Do you partner with brands?

I do receive products to review and share on my blog. The products that are gifted are labeled with "c/o" which means compliments of. All opinions of the brand are my own. I do not partner with brands that do not uphold these standards, and I only share links to brands I consider ethical based on their accreditation.  Because I still have the college budget mentality, I also share coupon codes to ethical fashion retailers that I seek out so that you too may have a purchase that has less of a negative impact on the earth, and more of a positive impact on the world. :)

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