Monday, July 4, 2016

Welcome to Bali, Welcome to Pantiai Pandawa!

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Hey there! Just arrived to Indonesia, spent some days with my extended family, then we went to Bali together. Our first stop, right from the Bali airport was to this touristic beach named Pantiai Pandawa Kutuh Village in South Kuta District. It actually has the steepest cliff landscape overlooking the Indian Ocean! It is home to the Hindu legend of the Five Knights. Going there I didn't know of the full story because our family friend who brought us there didn't know the full story either. hehe. Anyhow, we passed five white Hindu statues on the road down.. and each of those represents one of the knights. You can read more about it here!

I definitely suggest to visit this beach, especially if you want to see some fishing happening. It was really cool to see someone net fishing right off the beach. I actually haven't seen this before. And the skies in Bali are so blue- it's so incredible! Oh yes, because of the currents you can't swim on this beach, but it's still great to dip your feet into. :) Okiedokie, that's all for now, time to reapply the bug spray. :p haha.

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  1. Christine, I've had friends that have gone to Bali and say how much they would love to go back. They loved how blue the skies were and crystal clear the water was... how beautiful, enjoy your time there ♡ xox


Thank you for the lovely comment. God bless & stay Be-you-tiful!