Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Welcome to Lima, Peru!

Going Boho in Lima
Crochet Top || Marshalls
This top is 7 years old, and I was bored of the design. Instead of giving it away, I simply changed up the design with a few snips and stitches! Upcycling is the best.
5 Way Maxi Dress || Seamly.Co via c/o Fashion Revolution
Sustainably made in Colorado, USA from recycled jersey knit!
Shoes || Tieks
Bespoke from premium Italian Leather

I have arrived to Peru safe and sound! 

It has been a few days since I arrived to Peru, and I feel like the newness of every aspect of living is exciting, but overwhelming at times. I live a bit under an hour from the city of Lima, where I flew into. Today's pictures are from my recent exploration of Peru's capital city!

The streets of Lima remind me so much of my time studying abroad in Mexico. In no way are all Latin American countries the same, but it seems like their architectural structure and cultures have more similarities than I initially assumed(let's point fingers to the Spaniard conquistadors). Also, compared to other large Latin American cities I have visited, it seemed like I saw a lot less racial diversity than I had in say Mexico City, Mexico or Quito, Ecuador. Anyhow, after a day of shuffling through people, taking buses, visiting cathedrals, getting a cute balloon, buying ice cream more than one should, and eating delicious home-cooked Peruvian food, I was very excited to be able to watch the sun set from the tip top of Lima... and dance in front of the sunset too!

As the day came to a close I walked up the stairs with a pink bear balloon bopping behind me. I don't know about you, but I remember being at the amusement park as a kid and looking up in awe at the big bouquet of colorful balloons, each with different characters who smiled at you and happily bounced about. Well, I was lucky enough that my friend bought me one (since in my mind I never actually got one)! WOO HOO!

Good day? Good food? Good souvenir? Check! Check! Check!

Evening from Peru,

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  1. Wow ,the Photos are amazing :)


  2. Christine it looks like you had an amazing day... I have always wanted a big bouquet of balloons but I have wanted to let them go up in the sky... silly me..

    I love all these pictures, I can't get over the beauty of the streets, buildings and sunsets WOW... xox

    You look lovely as usual and so talented that you can change a shirt with a little snip or stitch... xox

  3. that last picture is gorgeous!!


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