Sunday, February 22, 2015

Countdown to Peru -- Ta Ta Snow!

handmade jewelry Trades of Hope
Canon EOS DSLR camera
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The Salvation Army, Sugarlips
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Carissa Simmons Trades of Hope
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Cute baby koala
Layer It Warm This Winter
Pom Pom Ball Beanie || Free People
*Not ethically sourced
Aztec Inspired Dangle Earrings ||  c/o Trades of Hope (rep Carissa Simmons)
Fair Trade; Handmade by a women's group in Peru
Vintage Wool Koala Sweater || Sacks 5th Avenue via The Salvation Army
Thrifted - recycling through fashion
Sequin Detailed Women's Blouse || c/o Sugarlips
*not ethically sourced
I don't even feel cold when I wear this, winter bear jacket || The Salvation Army
Thrifted - recycling through fashion
Jeggings || Maurices
Developed consumer compliance program to uphold workers' rights and prevent labor trafficking
Brown Leather Boots || Clarks
*not ethically produced


Only two more days until I fly away for another world adventure. This time I will be going to Peru to volunteer with a community empowerment and education organization... for 5 months. (Eeeep!?!) This whole week I have been a bit of a wreck, trying to bring together all of my last minute packing details and documents while thinking about my safety and all the adjustment details of living abroad. Shesh, it's as though the list of stuff to do never ends. In all of this, I thank God for the dozens of people who are praying for my safety (and sanity). LOL. 

Based on my past travels abroad, it usually takes me 3 weeks to adjust to new cultures. I have been trying to think of ways to expedite this process. I think the best thing I can do is work on my mindset. And so I am getting ready to go abroad by picturing myself in a new environment. In three days we will see if this makes a difference. I think this can help calm some anxieties too. ;) Also, the Lord has placed so many "do not be afraid because I am here" type bible verses in front of me this week. Now, with my luggages packed and ready to go, zippers sewed on all my purses, and lots of yummy snacks packed, all I need to do is enjoy my time home, open my heart to God's direction, and not freak out! :p 

"And don't be afraid of the people, for I will be with you
and will protect you. I, the LORD, have spoken!"

I'll definitely miss my BFF- and our ear hats!

Happy Lent,

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  1. WOW Christine... another journey, I will definitely add you to my prayers ... especially about the safety... this is exciting... I look forward to the posts you will be putting out while you are there. I can just imagine how uplifting and inspiring they will be ... Just WOW again... this is incredible ... have a very safe trip xox

  2. hello blogwalking yeah

  3. Love your sweater - so adorable!

  4. Peru?? That's so exciting! I love that you embark on these worldly adventures and even more so that you do them to assist those in need. I wish you the utmost of blessings! And I love the photography here and your cute hat ears. I wanted some so bad this winter, but there's always next year :)

  5. That is so beautiful, and indeed God is good and He will make of this trip a blessing for you and for those who you will meet. I wish you a great trip. Enjoy the places, the people, the weather, and the food...oh my the food !!! I miss my country.
    btw, the pics look awesome and the outfit is very that sweater! kawaii!!!
    - Elsey


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