Monday, September 16, 2013

Mickey Mouse, Go One More

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bow back halter dress | c/o Choies   red jacket c/o Marshalls  
minnie mouse tattoo tights | c/o Choies   Suede platform wedges | UO
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Thinking you are doing your best, but in the back of your head, knowing that you can push a little harder is where I'm at.

Seeing the results and realizing that pushing yourself a little harder would have made a difference is what I realize.

Going back to the drawing board is what I shall do.  Next time I will ration my time and do my absolute best.  When being evaluated, give it your all, and in the end, you can walk away knowing that going that extra length made the dormant impossible, possible.

Go One More and Give God The Glory!

Go for it,

P.S. This is a song from high school my friend Rachel first introduced me to.
I was reminded of the chorus this week. :) Thanks Rachel for helping me push myself!

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  1. hehehehe cutie.. love your dress and tights.. CHOIES is so amazing =)

  2. Those tights are amazing! They're so pretty and suit your look really well!

    XO Imke

  3. You look stunning!
    I like your dress and tights!!!

  4. You look gorgeous Christine!!!

  5. Dropped by. I love the dress details at the back as though its telling a story.

  6. Amazing look ;)

  7. wow, you look amazing!

  8. It is interesting art of making tattoos and the other fact to make them so unique and impressive by the look,I have seen the images here of tattoo it looks really good..


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