Sunday, September 29, 2013

To Love Again

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I have been intimidated to do this post for the past, nearly two, years since I first began blogging.  How many of you out there feel insecure about something that makes up who you are?  If you don't, please feel free to stop reading now.  However, if you don't feel this way, I can ASSURE you, AT LEAST one of your friends feels this way or has in the past.  

"It's time to learn to love yourself again!"

For some people it may be their lack of intelligence, their laugh, their smile, their fear of failure, their fear of being loved.  I am referring to the thing that makes each of us insecure. Correction: I am referring to the thing that we feel makes us unworthy. You as an individual may see this as something that makes you inferior, or a window for judgement from others, however, as I have said before, we need to remind ourselves how important it is to strive to reach YOUR POTENTIAL! Not the potential of the girl sitting next to you.  

For me, I find it hard to appreciate myself  and I find it hard to appreciate my body.  I display my top insecurities in this post and I want to encourage you to do the same on your blog, if you have one, then share it with me.  How many of you have ever just...let me see... felt like you were trapped in your body and it was holding you back?  Or have you felt embarrassed of a certain part of your body?  Or have you felt that you would be better at something, for me it was dance, if you had a body like the girl standing next to you, or if you are a blogger, the blog next door?  I danced almost my entire life, and my body didn't fit the standards of ballerinas.  Even now, I have many moments every day where I feel upset at myself for having a body that could not reach ballet standards.  Unfortunately, so many times I look at myself and am blinded by my flaws, however, now that I am doing a different sport, I am beginning to appreciate the body type I have been given by God. As far as appreciation, I find it so hard to accept compliments.  I can fake a thank you, but honestly, I find it embarrassing most of the time when people thank me, because I feel like what I do for others is expected from me.  I dislike faking "thank yous" and smiles of gratitude when on the inside, I don't even thank myself for what I am doing.  

"I am not sure when these insecurities began, 
and I am not sure when they will end, 
or if they will end anytime soon, 
however, I do know that I am not alone."  

Know that you too are beautiful.  I am learning to accept my God-given beauty and am reminding myself that I am wonderfully made.  Even if we may struggle daily to love our minds, smiles, bodies, faces, and laughs, it is important to know that we need to love the package God has placed us in. Be sure to check out this short little Bible study:  It's Vital to Love Yourself!  What are your insecurities?

 "I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: 
marvelous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well."

Con Amor y Besitos,

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  1. Hey Christine! I love this week's blog post! It was wonderful! I am so glad you decided to share.
    It is funny because I was hoping that one day you would open up, being able to confide in me as a friend who enjoys your company. This is a start.

    Don't be afraid to share because it really can make someone happy. You aren't the only one uncomfortable with yourself and even though you weren't able to become a ballerina you are a fine dancer. Also God had something else in store for you. He made you a princess instead.

  2. Also my insecurities?

    My body---> my confidence. I am consistently afraid of losing the confidence I have built for myself after years of not loving the way I look.

    My personality and mentality. I am an easy target for teasing even if it is for play, but when people consistently joke about something I actually start to believe it. I am made to feel stupid a lot even if others don't realize it. And then that ruins my outlook on life because I start to view others as being selfish and trying to build themselves based on my "lack" of intelligence.

  3. I absolutely LOVE THIS!!! Wish I lived in New York so I could take cool photos like these.

  4. Anonymous29.9.13

    this is such a great post - I think it's so hard to admit your insecurities to yourself, not to mention cyber space! and I think it's wonderful to remind yourself about the beautiful and wonderful and awesome things about you rather than to get wrapped up in the things you dislike. I've been working on the same thing myself, recently.

    Insecurities: definitely body issues. as much as I hate to do it, I am always comparing myself to other people. And wondering if I'd have more friends if I were prettier, if my boyfriend thinks other girls are better looking than me, if girls uber-judge me based on how I look. But I'm also always really insecure about being the best at whatever I'm doing. I'm always putting myself down thinking that other people are probably able to do such-and-such a task better than me.


  5. Thank you Christine for the wonderful post.

    I used to have a big issue with self-confidence and my image. But, accepting compliments is part of learning to see what others see in you (both outside and in). It's hard to say that I don't think I am attractive, but I know that I can change my view on myself bit by positive bit. I might not like my complexion, height, shape, etc. at the moment, but there are times when I look in the mirror and I can see the beautiful me. I can pick the parts I like and think well, the rest of me is equally as nice too!
    It's hard because I compare myself to others and the people I see in the media. Yet, learning to see my beauty is part of building my confidence and learning to accept compliments.

    Again thank you for your post.

  6. Anonymous29.9.13

    Hi Christine! Thanks for doing this blog post. None of us need to be insecure, but that is so much easier to say than to put into practice. Thank you for letting your walls down for your readers. :)

    My insecurities in the past have been my acne and other skin issues as well as how much I am a mammal (and by that I mean that I am a hairy woman). I also do have days when I am worried about my low-tone abdominals which makes visible food babies out of any sized meal. Most of the physical insecurities have passed out of my conscious thoughts although they still exist in part.

    I feel more insecure these days about how I dress since other girls are trying to be cute/have a particular style and I do not.
    I am also held back by a fear of revealing my ignorance in many situations. I sometimes worry that my ignorance of many MANY things within the Catholic Church will reflect poorly upon the Church and it makes me sad when I cannot answer a question for someone or defend the Church in conversation. These are just a few of my myriad problems, but then again, if I were not broken I would be soooo much more prideful than I already am. So perhaps the faults are good in that way. :D

    -Christine Schaefer

  7. Anonymous29.9.13

    didn't feel like logging into my email so I clicked anon but this is Eleni. I realized I didn't believe I was beautiful in my car one day when I was about to pray that I wished I was as pretty as someone else and then I felt God say "She's not better than you, she's different, and you are beautiful." and when I heard that in my head I felt like I was Ron in Harry Potter when he killed the horcux with the sword of Griffindorf because a huge weight had lighted and I knew I had overcome a lie in that held me back. So, that's one of the reasons I love the GLOW concept of not comparing yourself with others. I know that you're beautiful and I am super proud of you for making this post!

  8. Loving ourselves is like loving God's. <3 Thanks for this Christine and your time for the chit-chats on FB <3

    your Sissy,

  9. hahaha i Love it Christine! truly inspiring! love the blazer too =)

  10. Anonymous30.9.13

    This reminds me of the Pink song "Just Give Me a Reason" where she sings "were not broken just bent and we can learn to love again..." What a beautiful message you send to young women about body image, expectations and what it means to truly LOVE yourself. You are a great ROLE MODEL for young women and an inspiration for women of all ages, nice job on this!

  11. Wow, these pictures are beautiful. I think it's really brave of your to display your insecurities here. I wouldn't have the courage to do it on my blog to be honest.

    I bet you are still an amazing dancer even when your body don't fit the "standard size" of how a dance should like it.

    You love what you do and you are great at it.

    You are an inspiration! :D

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    Cassandra | Backtofive

  12. You are beautiful dear. Thank you for Sharing this post. We all have insecurities and ts great to know we aint alone.
    I usually feel like everything I do isn't good enough, and I always wished I was taller. Hehhe! Buh I'm learning to love myself for me. We all should do so too.
    I'd love to share this on my blog if u won't mind.

  13. Wow! This is a lovely Post. Thanks for sharing your story. We all need to know we are not alone.
    I'm still a work in progress but I believe all is well.
    I'd love to share this article on my blog if you don't mind.

  14. Wow, it's pretty amazing post, really moving :) I don't have any body issues, thankfully I fought them well in the past. Now I'm having some charachter issues, which sometimes causes a searious breakdowns. I'm especially insecure in terms of relationships, though my man really loves me and will be there for me no matter what, I sometimes freak out that I'll mess it up. It's nice to open up myself a little bit, thanks for this post! And for your visit on my blog :)

  15. This is such an inspiring blogpost!
    Everyone has some insecurity about something no matter how perfect they might seem...for me it's my acne problem and glasses...Part of the reason why I started outfit posts was to start feeling little less self concious!Love the theme of the pictures also! <3
    P.S.-I awarded you back coz I really am inspired by your blog and work! :D
    You've been awarded!


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