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The Game of Success, Part III: "Lovin' What You're Doin'? Don't Burn Out!"

Okiesmokie girlies, I'm determined to get on this bloggie and make Part III of my Game of Success series.  (Not that I am a Yoda master on the game of success or anything...hehe).  If you haven't read Part I or Part II, get on over there and delve into my world!

Thanks to a necessary push from fashion and social justice blogger Cassandra of Back to Five and Bloggers Against Social Injustice, I am here once again in my little piece on cyberspace, hoping to reach out to you and make you smile, or at least chuckle! I have been overwhelmingly busy the past 4 weeks between research and event planning which is my excuse for being absent.

Let's Start!  What I want to do today is think about reminding yourself that it is important to love what you do yet not burn yourself out.  Also, the conference junkie in me was once again able to emerge this past week! I just got back from a national research conference on Sunday and am directing a mini-conference this Friday! 2 conferences in 30 days?  Well I'll be tickled silly! ^_^ This post features photos from last week's conference.

Gift Wrapping for the guest speakers is always my specialty.

Are you "lovin' what you're doin'?"  First, let's take this phrase apart.  When you look at "Are you lovin,''" you need to ask yourself if the job you have committed to brings you fulfillment.  Fulfillment should not only be self-enriching, but enriching to others as well.  If you are doing work that adds something positive to a person other than yourself, you are creating a more enriching environment, aside from solitary satisfaction.  Okay, now it's time to look at the second part of this phrase, "What you're doin'.'"  What ARE you doing with your life? Some people do too much and feel like they are doing nothing because their minds are so cluttered with activities(been there).  Others compare themselves to others and feel like they are doing nothing (been there too) because they see the other person on a completely different level of accomplishment   In this situation, ladies,

remember that each person has a different threshold
of energy and capacity so if you
are a lower energy person, you may not
be able to do what a higher energy person does.

This doesn't make you lesser, it makes you accomplished at a different platform of ability. If you try your best where you are, you can still render the same results as "miss. energy lady" over there (made that name up...hehe). Last point about "what you're doin'" is a shout out to all those lucky people who make careers out of their passions and joys!  This also points back to different platforms of ability because one's passion creates love for what you do.

"Don't Burn Out!"  The idea of burning out doesn't have to be dramatic like many people assume.  Burning out can apply to small moments when you ask yourself, "why am I doing this," and they can apply to big moments when you have no desire to continue with your commitment.  Let's be honest here, have you been burnt out?  By the definition above, you should qualify.  My point is, everyone has been burnt out to one degree or another, but when talking about The Game of Success, and reaching your goals, it is important that you are passion driven and are, "lovin' what you're doin'" while still taking breaks from your love.

Some say distance makes the heart grow fonder.  I say this can apply to the game of success every now and then, or at least for few moments when you deserve a nice day-long break where you can do something relaxing and self-focused.  Because when you are "lovin' what you're doin,'" you may find yourself caught between more doin' duties than lovin the duties you need to accomplish.

Be wary of obsession is what it boils down to. If you obsess in your Game of Success, you may lose your love and be caught in the action or may even become addicted to the idea of winning/reaching your goal.  Ask yourself, why would you still want a goal if there is not internal motivation behind it?  I know the answer for this varies across cultures, but I think the basic lesson applies to all. Love something? Great, go pursue it. Pursue something too arduously, and you may find that you lose the initial love or run out of energy to continue on!

Here are more photos from the 19th Annual University at Buffalo McNair Conference I attended!

Directly before my research presentation! I did so much better than last year, it makes me giggle thinking about it. ^_^
I had the opportunity to introduce Dr. Jullianne Malveaux at the conference's closing ceremony. It was a bit of a frazzle writing her introduction in half an hour, but I did it! :D

Well, back to conference preparation. Not only am I a conference junkie, but I am the director of a conference organization, which I started 3 years ago for pre-teen girls.  We all need self-esteem boosters.  This conference I head up not only helps raise self-esteem, but academic interest, intrinsic value, and the importance of a relationship with God.  May the Lord guide me! Keep me in your prayers please.

Conference Junkie Outtie,


  1. awww soo true! thanks for sharing this inspirational post =)

  2. This post is really inspiring. Thanks for the post! I am still in the midst of my finals and honestly, I did 'burnt out' these days. Your post brought back the passion I once had. And all the very best for your conference. It will definitely help the participants. I got the parcel you sent me, and I'll be home next week to open it. -excited- THANK YOU!

  3. This post has actually been really're so right about many things. I often feel like I'm not doing anything because I stretch myself too thin.

    Thanks for this lovely inspiration.


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    Belle journée
    Suz d'Orléans

  5. Congrats!!! It is great u had the chance to give another conference ^^

  6. you look so amazing and the outfit is so gorgeous


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