Sunday, August 4, 2013

Enter My World of Dreams

Laying in the grass and looking into the sky is the best feeling.  This is especially true following hectic weeks. The feeling that as gravity leaves your body with only the sky to be consumed into is the best feeling summer has to offer. 

I hope you enjoyed today's spread presented above; I hope you understood it.  On the surface, this story is about my dream world.  Yes, I am a daily dreamer, many times thinking about twirling around and existing as a part of God's creation.  If I was able to live out my daily dreams they would allow me to wander in nature and discover warmth and secret locations where butterflies dance and grasshoppers race.  But, the underlying story is all based off today's gospel story from Luke 12.  In Luke 12, Jesus teaches the importance of not living life in preparation for tomorrow or to gain things of this world because you may be here today and not here tomorrow.  If you look at Luke 12:29-31, Jesus also shares that if we focus on seeking the kingdom of God, the basics for life will be provided to us.

"Our brother Jesus tells us 
not to worry, because we should 
be more eager to seek heaven 
than seeking the stuff of this world." 

Seriously, I find myself caught up with the action of doing instead of recalling why I am pursuing it, as I wrote about in The Game of Success: Part II.  This is why it's important to remember we need to seek after the Lord and have friends that remind us of this importance.  Who reminds you?

Wandering and seeking consumed today's photos because it takes a lot of searching before you find something perfect.  It takes a long time to discover something so beautiful and perfect that you just want to embrace it forever.  Do you disagree?  In today's spread, the moment I found the light and embraced its warmth, I basked in it's perfection.

"This is like seeking God.  You may stumble,
you may get poked by some thorns, you 
may feel lost at moments, but once you 
find His love and perfection, it is an 
embrace you will never want to let go of."  

My heart is currently seeking a greater embrace with the Lord.  I remember what it was like to be in a full embrace, but then I got caught up in running after the stuff of this world.  No thing compares to a relationship with God.  I can bet my life on that.

I want to thank you for stopping by my bloggie, especially if you are a regular reader.  Welcome to my first time readers too; stay connected! I hope it has inspired you in some way, or touched your heart.  I thank God for giving me the gift of creativity, so that I may share his love with you through it.   Creativity is one of my GLOWs. GLOW would be Gift Lived OutWard.  Made that acronym up a few years ago to help pre-teen girls see their value, but it definitely is applicable to everyone.  You even have a GLOW.  Share it with me in the comments below! ^_^

In Loving Embrace,

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  1. looooooooove it!!! =) the photos the post everything =)

  2. Very inspirational. I get what you mean when you say you just do and forget the initial aim of why we are doing this. I guess we have to constantly remind ourselves to not get drowned in this face moving world.

    Btw very nice pictures and outfit! Did u make the flower crown yourself? It suits you really well! :):)


  3. u look ethereal and dreamy ! and that flower crown is taking a lot of my attention !

  4. Very inspirational post, Christine. You picked out some great quotes. And the photography is beautiful!

  5. Esther Kim5.8.13

    Beautiful! I loved what you said too and I'm praying for you dear and cheering you on! :D

  6. Oh I love your white dress! The headpiece is perfect. Beautiful photos!!!
    Thanks for dropping by, I will think of your suggestion about

    Keep in touch love.


  7. This was a really nice one...reading this gave me a feeling of peace..just as you seem at peace in the the fact that you always include a lil something from God's word in your posts...keep up the good work :)

  8. That is such an amazing dress!

  9. Beautiful! :-)
    i follow you now on GFC & Bloglovin! <3

  10. Amazing flower crown!:) I like your blog!

  11. Love this perfect look and great post doll!!!

  12. Those are such gorgeous photos! You look amazing with that flower crown! And the dress is very pretty!

  13. Lovely dear, such amazing pics and you have a great blog thanks for dropping by my blog may be we can follow each other.

  14. Beautiful flower crown!

  15. Love this one. You have such a fantastic blog! Thank u so much for visiting and for your kind comment.
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  16. Very inspirational...
    U r beautiful inside n out!

  17. u look gorgeous n its very inspirational!
    Way 2 go my gorgeous daughter...u r beautiful inside n out ;)

  18. Amazing pics and your look gorgeous!!!

  19. This floral crown is beautiful. :)

    Sarah x

  20. Wow, so inspirational! love it :)

    wanna follow each other? xx

  21. Very inspirational. You look like a fairy in a wonderland.



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