Sunday, April 7, 2013

Glitter Fairy Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial!

Woo hoo, because now it is tutorial time!

I hope you liked my video tutorial! =)

Today I really needed to do a  post that wasn't very heavy... let's call it low-key, fun and relaxing.  Why?  Well, my past few weeks have been more-than-normally exhausting.  I regret giving over 100% for everything that I have been doing at once.  So today I made a fun glitter make up tutorial for you all. Posts like these are exciting because I can share tips and more of my personality with you.   BTW- Last night I slept 16 hours though, so I am rested, rejuvenation and taking time to clear my mind and make the path back to a relatively normal "Christine Life"... whatever that is.  

Update. Thank you millions to everyone who helped and supported me for my Truman Scholarship the past 8 months.  Unfortunately, I did not win.  When I am a bit more "okay" with this fact, I will post on what this means to me.  I feel a bit emotionally numb right now. I am of course applying to many more scholarships... I just applied to one that may send me to Washington, D.C. for leadership training.  Also, Freedom Walk Buffalo, an anti-human trafficking awareness walk I coordinated, just happened yesterday.  I spent the last 4 months, cramming to organize this event. It went spectacular. Next post will cover the walk.  I was so touched by the over-comer  Anna, that spoke(someone who was a victim of human trafficking).  I am so glad that I was able to get in touch with her so that she could speak for the walk!

REVIEW | BA Star Natural Shadow Palette
Dance, cheer or performance glitter is here!  I really liked this palette not only because of the looseness of the powder, but because the glitter was not uncomfortable to wear.  Since I had been on a competition dance team for about 5 years, I had those moments when I would glitter bomb my hair and face.  I like how this glitter gel isn't crackey, itchy or stinky. A negative is that, I had to let it sit for 3 days before using it, because the first 3 days after I opened the package, it still smelled a bit like glue.  Also, the brush is cheap quality, because the bristles of the brush are plastic.  This brush didn't hurt at all, however, I am not sure how many uses it would last for.  As for the eyeshadow, I love the looseness of the powder!  It brushed off easily and applies easily!  Check out this pallet and others here.  Request a free sample here!
Retail Price $8.75 | BrandBacker Promo Price $4.37. Enter Code BBSMOKY

Ready to eat, study, walk outside and do some artistic stuff with my life.

Waiting for something,

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