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Truman Interview | Day 4 - What Truman Taught Me

I am astonished that I live the life I do. I am so blessed for all I have.  I am sad that it was my last day in NYC.  Next week I have 4 exams to make up, the Freedom Walk to head, a video conference to host, and that same week I find out if I won.  *Welcome back to real life.*  Anyways, this post covers my last day and ends in a video I made that showed me "What Truman Taught Me."

I hope it touches your heart!

Today I laid in my crisp hotel bed with the window shades open and the window cracked open, just listening to the sound of NYC.  I cleaned my hotel room and did some blogging then headed out.  I walked up and down 53rd Street, I think it was, to check out shops and eat food.  I made sure to not make turns, so that I wouldn't get lost.  I ended up making a right two times and didn't get lost, so that's good. Fewwh!

I got kicked out of Julliard.  So, do you remember the first day of this trip when I went inside of Julliard?  I said I was going to try again and take pictures.  Apparently you can't take photos inside for safety reasons.  Yep, that makes sense.  So the shots below are all I have for ya'.  What happened was that the security guard saw me taking pictures and asked "Excuse me, are you a student?" Then I was like, "What, hmm?" *eyebrow raise*... the point is he told me I couldn't take pictures and then I was like, "Oh, okay, thank you for telling me."  Then I walked down the stairs as actual students watched me leave the building.  Hahahaha. Yeaaa.  So I didn't actually get kicked out...but "kicked out" sounds so rebellious, don't you think?

Talk about being resourceful.  So I was at this one boutique and I ended up talking to a sales rep about my work to help end human trafficking and how that ties in to women's empowerment and fashion.  She told me that I was inspiring her by just talking to her.  This was so wonderful to hear because this is part of my mission in life: To serve God by inspiring and serving others!  I ended up giving her my contact information.  I hope she ends up using all her talents to help empower young women too!

Sushi Again?!?!  Well, of course!  It's me I am writing about here.  This place had 2 rolls and salad for $7.95.  So I bought 2 and brought one to go! After lunch I stopped by St. Paul the Apostle Church in NYC one last time.  I prayed and thanked God and spent time with him.  The Holy Spirit is living there, I could feel the comfort.  Anyways, when I was kneeling and praying, a man in his 50s tapped me on the shoulder as I was kneeling and asked me where I was from then asked me my heritage.  
I wouldn't mind if it was someone 
younger than me or an 
old person, however,
middle aged men scare me. 
That was probably the most out of the ordinary thing that happened to me in NYC.  Oh no, wait!  I missed my shuttle to the airport, so the concierge got me a taxi and a bus to go on.  The bus ended up bein 1/2 hour late.  But I went past a Sanrio shop and Time Square.  I decided it's good I didn't go to Time Square because I probably would have spent money.  College Budget = Don't Spend.

All in all, this was such a fantastic experience! On my flight home I slept the whole time, again.  But before I fell asleep I thought about how many blessings the Lord has given me and how many doors have been opened for me right after I do something selfless for others.
 I guess the Lord 
does love a giving soul.
 Annually, I end up travelling somewhere exciting at no cost to me, either because of research or a contest or scholarship! It is such a blessing.  Even if these things are work... not just work... tear draining, mind exhausing, physically tiring work, they are worth it because after the presentation there is always 1 day I am given to myself as a retreat.  Me, God and the world.  And this is what my life is all about.

Once again, thank you to everyone who made my Truman Interview possible!  And here is some advice from me. =)

Smiling and at awe,

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  1. Very interesting post. $20? Fantastic price for a floral head band.


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