Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Another Libester Award!

What a wonderful way for my blog to hop playfully into the new year! This is my 3rd blog award from Donna from TALES OF A SHOPAHOLIC.  Donna is such a great blogger herself, we met through our blogs, but became sisters through BLOGGERS AGAINST SOCIAL INJUSTICE, because she is on the committee with me! Muchas muchas besitos y gracias Donna!

Now time for the questions:

1) What's one thing you love most about blogging?
Some people may think it's the fashion, but it really is not.   The support I receive from the amazing friends I have made, who are now like my sisters thanks to Bloggers Against Social Injustice is the best part!  I would have never thought I would have found a nitch where I have so much in common with others, where they have similar quarks and personalities!  So I suppose being tied to the computer is one place where I feel most accepted.

2) What is your current obsession?
Well, aside from my run toward Jesus...
Artist | Ingrid Michaelson

3) What is your style icon? I am not really sure what that means but...
Vanessa Hudgens 
  Hudgens is so gorgeous and I love her style (not so much her shorty shorts though).  She is also a Free People lover!  Hey, she has the same sweater as me! I probably inspired her...

 Antonio Berardi
"Fairy Meets Warrior" in his genius Spring 2012 collection.  So gorgeous, what an incredible talent! 

4. What advice would you give a  fellow blogger?
Be careful when trying to be like your favorite blogger.  Invest your time in finding out "who" your blog is, then tackle that market.  But most of all, have fun! 

5.  How will you associate blogging into your daily life?
Blogging is part of my daily life.  I check my stats, and comments, and connect with my blog friends every day.  Blogging has expanded my artistry in terms of photography.  Now when I look at things, I like to view things from different angles.

6. What are your stress busters?
#1 Bible   #2 Dance    #3 Diary    #3 Walking/running outside   #4 Editing photos for my blog's marketing

7. What style icon of the past do you prefer?

8. Do you believe in love at first sight?  What the heck is that?

9.  If you were given a chance to choose a career, what would you be doing?
Well, for the first few years I would be a Disney princess who made girls feel like princesses too, especially ones who have been through hard times.  This would mean that I would have to start something of the sort.  Then I would travel the world learning about culture and fundraising for something or another, bringing my camera along with me.  I would continue blogging with sponsors clothing me, and I would know many languages.  Sharing God's joy with the world is the plan!

10.  What makes you most nervous?
Something that shouldn't at my age.  I avoid the majority of guys I actually find attractive. It's just pathetic and completely working against my odds of contributing life to this fine planet. But it's really for the good of the world, because that situation is truly irrationally hilarious and  unnecessary.  You are welcome, world!

11.  What are your happiest moments?
Well, I love going to church during the day for mass (service), and I love being with my cousins, brothers, and parents.  Event wise, I loved the outcome of my GIRLS DAY events!
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1. Why did you start blogging?
2. Did blogging turn out to be what you first thought it would be?
3. What is your style, and since when has it been that?
4. How does your favorite music style describe your fashion style?
5. How long do you see yourself blogging?
6. Most influential blogger?
7. Blogger or diarist first? Do you vlog?
8.What makes you "be-you-tiful"?
9. What flaw about yourself makes you laugh, like REALLY laugh?
10. If you could do anything for the next week and money didn't prevent you from doing that, what would it be?
For the nominees, answer these questions on your own, create your own questions then select your winners and contact them to let them know they won! Don't forget to link back to the blogger who you received the Libester from, that would be me! :)
Also, send me the link to your post, and post it on my blog's FB page if you want me to share it!
I also wanted to share this cute new site I found.  They have really cute asian type apparel pieces  that sell at wholesale price!  There are cute fashion silk dresses, especially nice for those of you with petite frames.  For those of you on the search for an wholesale formal prom dresses which can actually be custom sized, and since it's wholesale price, you can still get a good deal!  If you are an online shopper, they also have jeans.  If you sign up now you can get 15% off too. ^_^
So, I am going through a nordic phase which is most likely due to the coldness I currently live in. I found the cutest sweater tights on this site, so cute... I decided to make an entire outfit from here around the Nordic print.  I went for  a comfy-cozy look.  Let me know what you think!


Laughing at myself,

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  1. i like that you answer with picture too :D

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  2. Lol on # 7 photo is that your mom with her friends?
    you deserve the award you are a very inspiring person I'm so happy to know you =)

  3. CONGRATS on your award! I loved reading your answers! Great post!

    for the award :)


  5. I like VH's style too. Seems like she goes to the beat of her own drum.. While I probably wouldn't wear most of it myself, I think she looks fabulous!


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