Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Relaxation & DIY Hair Tutorial!

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I am so loving my new pair of specs I just got from Firmoo!  They are computer glasses, as I mentioned in my video, which is so perfect for my eyes. I say no to radiation when I can.  The pair I chose are called "Talk Nerdy To Me" (how appropriate for me) and can be found HERE.  I really love this pair because the frames are nice and thick and seem durable, so they can withstand the abuse they will probably go through with my unpredictable self.  They also come with a case,a little baggie, fixing tools and a microfiber cleaning cloth.  You can get this same pair or choose another for FREE HERE, and all you have to do is pay for shipping! They also have a virtual try-on function, for all you style handicap lovelies.  If you do get your free pair, definitely share it with me on my FACEBOOK PAGE!

 1 important thought for today... a lady and texting.  After talking with some of my girlfriends and observing other girlies, I see how the idea of texting really holds importance to many people.  I personally see texting as the farthest from intimate form of communication.  When I communicate with people over text message I hold little emotional value to these messages, unless of course it is someone I am blood-close to (then I go crazy).  Let's say for example if I were invited out on a date over text message by a guy(not actually hypothetical).  How would I feel? First, I see that this may be considered normal to the younger generation (and perhaps old people who are somehow technologically aware).  Then I think, where has the form of using your vocal chords for communication gone to?  To my inner-self I scream: "Where is this ditch our generation is driving into, so I can build myself a bridge over it?"  I am just an old fashioned chickidee, I suppose.  But I will never go out with a guy if I am asked/typed/messaged over text.  I think a lady deserves more than that... I know a lady deserves more than that.  Oh, and when I found out my one friend's now-boyfriend first asked her out over text I wanted to tell him, "Boy, you use your vocal chords God gave you and ask her out with yo' face." VUWAHAHA! XD [I'm feeling kinda hyper now...musta' been the caffeine from that tea I was drinking in this photo shoot].
A lady and texting.

Ladies, what are your thoughts?
[and I suppose guys too]

In Giggles,

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  1. Awwwww you're so pretty!! I used to be a ballerina too, we have so much things in common :) I'm a new follower, you definitely deserve it ;) keep on posting! x

    Anyway, I'm currently hosting my first ever giveaway and I would greatly appreciate it if you support me by joining :) It is open to all including international readers!! Please do join! Thank you so much!!

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  2. beautiful hair and comfy look!! love the color of your oversized sweater!!

  3. I loved your blog! :)
    i will follow you

    Love, M :)

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  5. Such a cute diy...makes me wanna grow my hair longer! :D

  6. Happy new year!! Loved your style!! Thank you for visiting my blog!! I'm your new follower!! I'd love it you follow back!! Kisses!!! :)

  7. Beautiful!
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  8. Your relaxation seems so good and cosy. Thank you for your comment on my blog. I am following now on GFC. I hope you will follow back? Happy New Year. Pamela

  9. Amazing post!!! Amazing blog too!!!! I'm your newest follower!!!!!

    Kisses, Eleni by

  10. I love that you do ballet!!
    We have similar toes.. hahaha as weird as that sounds :P

    Anyway, hope you have a great day!


  11. Happy new year to you too doll
    Kiss and good night

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  12. I am impressed with your sense of style

  13. Cool DIY! Happy new year!

  14. love all the photos =)) you're so relax =)

  15. Such a great post. To be honest I dont really text anymore i just use whatsapp but thats like the same hahah. The only which is annoyin is some people take every "text" message very seriously so this can create a barrier is the other person doesn't

  16. You're so preeeetty! Lovely blog you've got! Hope you'll check mine out!
    xoxo Amalie

  17. I enjoyed watching the video, even attempted to copy the braids myself :)

  18. I enjoyed watching the video, even attempted to copy the braids myself :)

  19. You look so beautiful and romantic! Love the hair very much.
    And yes, I agree with you about text messages. Personally I hate them and think they are for emergencies only. I think we were given these beautiful things like hand-written letters and meeting in person and everything is now disappearing because there's a text option or Facebook (which I also don't really like)


  20. Hey, I really love your blogposts :)
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  21. You look lovely! Beautiful photos
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  22. I like how your pictures are taken and you look really beautiful. And the fact that I saw that you're a ballerina made me hit the follow button! I used to be one :) Hope you can follow me back :)

  23. very nice photos and i like your hair xD i also think that texting to ask for a date is so not.. manly lol if you know what i mean xD

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  24. Lovely pics :)
    Thank you for your super sweet comment in my blog :)
    You have a great blog

  25. The photos are beautiful! And I'm a dancer myself too! But not really a ballet dancer and I really respect ballet dancers who practices on their toes. I don't think I can ever do that!

    Love your blog! Btw, would you like to follow each other? Do let me know and I'll follow right back~ It would be great to keep in touch!

    ♡ Jaslin from

  26. i love write your blog !
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  27. Hi Christine, thanks for visiting my blog :)
    You asked me about my camera's color setting - I usually manually set white balance.

    Loved to know your blog, it's really cute!! You are so cute, love ballerinas :)



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