Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Kitty Hoodie

I am so busy that that I don't have time for a luscious, fantastical post tonight, but I wanted to share with you the promised photo shoot I took for my friend Safra last month!  Let me know what you think.

As for what's currently on my mind... well, my second semester of my junior year of college starts tomorrow.  Thinking about that is making each breath I take more and more shallow.  I also feel tenseness in my chest just thinking about the semester, talk about first world problems.  But aside from the human on human interaction I am anxious about, I am looking forward to working on the final submission of the Truman scholarship I have my university's nomination for. I am also coordinating a Freedom Walk I have spent almost 20 hours of my break working on, with fellow BASI committee member, Dave.  I am very excited because I am planning a human trafficking exhibit, inviting a group to come in and do a training, inviting organizations to set up tables, inviting a group to sell "made by survivors products," and of course the physical walk.  The first meeting with my superstar Freedom Walk committee is tomorrow.  It must be very heavily on my mind, because yesterday I was told that I was talking in my sleep and saying things like:
"that's a creative idea"
"write that down"
"yea, I like that"
... you know, the normal stuff in life.

This semester I have scholarships to finish applying wait, start applying for.  I also need to begin hard-core studying for the GRE, since I want to be accepted to a graduate school.  I still have that TOMS internship on my mind as my dream internship.  So in conclusion, my goals for this semester are:
1- Win the Truman scholarship or the TOMS internship
2- Study for the GRE
3- Receive a 4.0/4.0
4- Make friends in my classes
5- Utilize my on campus gym and dance studio 
(vacation wasn't so good to my healthiness level)

P.S. Happy last day of Christmas!

Distraught yet appreciative,

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  1. Let's work hard together! :D
    Chin up for the new semester!!


  2. Beautiful pics!!!i'm following you!!!if you like mine, do the same!!
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  3. Amazing hoodie! Following you honey!
    Love from Toronto,

  4. great hoodie! love your photos! liked you FB fab page.

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  5. you look gorgeous, love the hoodie

  6. Great pictures and I love the sweater!
    I pray your plans will all work out and the freedom walk will bring fruitful results!

  7. Hello dear, thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! It made me smile hahaha. The photos are great looking! Especially the shots when you captured your friend's lovely smile.

    Anyway, all the best for your studies! Gosh 4.0 is always so hard for me. P.S. thank you for following me too, I've followed you back via GFC and FB too!

    Many kisses
    ♡ Jaslin from

  8. aw the ear cats so cute >_<

    thanks for following me. im following you now :D
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  9. Thank you for your lovely comment :) Cute hoodie! I have a similar one but it has a panda and little panda ears on it :) xx

  10. Love the little ears in that hoodie!!! ^^

  11. you are very beautiful! I love your hoodie <3
    thanks so much for your comment! I am following you with GFC, I would love if you could follow me back.

    Lali pops of colour

  12. Hello dear, Your blog really awesome! Love it! <3
    Btw, wanna follow each other via GFC? Let me know ;)


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