Monday, June 13, 2016

Spinning Above... A Turn in the Singapore Flyer

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Need a list of top things to do in Singapore?

Well, a ride on the Singapore flyer is definitely on it. It is one of Singapore's main attractions (for tourists). Following this post, I'll be posting much more about my travels through Singapore and Indonesia, so stay posted! ;) And now to begin - here are a few photos from our ride and a short review on the Singapore flyer! 

The Singapore flyer is the second highest ferris wheel in the world. It was the tallest until 2014, when it was out-constructed by the High Roller in Las Vegas, USA. So how tall in the Singapore flyer? The Singapore flyer stands at 165 meters (541 feet). There are 28 air conditioned capsules, which is really great because Singapore is very humid (in June is was around 80% humidity). The ferris wheel travels at 0.76 km/hr so it is very slow and if you are motion sick, you won't be on this lift. If you are afraid of heights, it may be an issue, but the capsule is big enough for you to sit in the center without feeling like you are at the ledge of a death fall. All in all, I'd say it was a great one-time experience and I'd suggest it to those who like landscape views and like to situation themselves geographically (and hide away from the humidity for 30 minutes)!

Next stop... Singapore's Chinatown!

Got that Travel Bug,

Have you been to Singapore before? What are your favorite spots?


  1. cool pics!

  2. You are in Singapore!!! :) for how Long?

  3. Christine I'm terrified of heights but saying that I would definitely want to try out that ferris wheel... just seeing the views would be amazing.

    I look forward to seeing more pictures of your trip, Singapore is a very pretty and busy place xox ♡

  4. ohh!! i miss singapore so much i wish i could fly now and experience again the beauty and adventure the city can offer. You are so lucky.


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