Tuesday, December 8, 2015

5 Tips to Get You Moving When It's COLD!!!

Remember that Winter if Just a Season! Work Out to Kick Away that Seasonal Depression Don't let the weather control what you do or your happiness. Like many people, the grayness that accompanies winters in the Northeast (USA) can put you in a sad state, especially if you are someone who loves warm summer walks and watching clouds swim across blue skies. The endorphins released as you exercise will help you stay happy during winter, become motivated in life, and help improve your self-esteem! ;) Below are 5 fun tips that I hope will help keep you kickin' even when the snow starts fallin'!

5 Tips to Get You Moving When it's COLD:

1. Ask Yourself out loud, "Why Not?" When you hear your answer, which will probably be a bit pathetic such as "It's too dark outside," "It's too cold to stand up," or my favorite "I don't want to have to put on my winter boots and my 3 layers of clothes," you will hopefully realize that it's just the winter-lazies! Get up and get ready before you think about it too much.

2. Set a Plan As heard time and time again, set a plan and stick to it! Have someone to help you stay accountable, if you need it. I have a weekly plan that I try to stick to weekly, and it helps me keep my priorities straight for the day!

3. Find a Workout Buddy When you lose self-motivation, it is important to remember that although you are the only one who can really make yourself do something, someone else can help push you too! If you don't really feel like working out, but know you should, text a friend and hit the gym together.

4. Drink Lots of Water Okay, let's be honest, if we are drinking warm hot coco or warm cinnamon apple-cider, are we really going to feel energized and refreshed? NO! Drink water to refresh and motivate your body and mind. Not only will it make you feel better and think clearer, but water also helps control calories, energize muscles, keep your skin hydrated, and improve organ health among its many other positive attributes.

5. Make A New Playlist If music motivates you and takes your mind off things, make a special playlist for winter and change it up every month! Or take an hour or two to discover new artists to listen to as you workout!

Keep It Up,

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  1. Good ideas Christine... as soon as my injured leg heals I'm going to be walking even when it's cold out... it's actually a really great way to stay warm. I totally miss exercising and all the good endorpins it releases...xox

    I hope you are having a great week and that you are prepared for Christmas. Enjoy the holidays ♡

  2. nice ideas !

  3. Yes! This is the inspiration I needed! It can be so unmotivating when it's cold outside.

  4. love these ideas! Perfect to start preparing for the NY's resolutions!

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  5. these are some nice ideas and really help us to move ahead this winter.
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  6. Hey Chirstine, I thought I would share this funny tip that I just read. The writer encourages us to sleep in our workout clothes so that when we wake up, it's the first thing in our mind. Keep inspiring others, Christine!

    Loren P | London Fight Factory


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