Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Born and Made Campaign

Born and Made Campaign

What is the Born and Made campaign? Started by the natural hair and beauty company, Carol's Daughter, the Born and Made Campaign aims to empower women to celebrate their self worth! So, maybe you saw this campaign over social media over the past few weeks. If you are like me, and have seen it but not actually participated, here is your chance!

My "made with" says inspiration and joy, however I know that my made with is a looooong list which include a bit less flowery words including hyperness, curiosity, excitement, a chatter box. LOL. We are all different. Don't be ashamed that your personality may be a bit different than your idea of perfection.

Now it's your turn! Head on over to Born and Made to create your own, then share your link below - I'd love to see what you are made of!

Lovely Made,

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  1. I didn't have time to make a blog post about mine, but here is a link to my #BornAndMade Campaign:

  2. Anonymous10.9.15

    Wooow! Beautiful post my dear!!! My new post on the blog!!! Thank you so much!!! ))


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