Friday, September 4, 2015

#ChicFriday with Chureca Chic

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Handmade recycled paper earrings, providing skill training and basic education to women in Nicaragua

So a few months ago, before Peru, I was contacted by the not profit organization Earth Education Project(EEP) which creates Chureca Chic, beautiful jewelry created from recycled paper and silver plated metals. They asked me if I would be interested in joining their #ChicFriday campaign. After I received more information, I really loved what I learned about the work EEP does. They approach the problems that surround poverty with a solution that not only provides wages and community growth, but also empowerment. Looking at the issues of unemployment, waste and the challenges for women to obtain an education in Nicaragua, EPP created an integrated work-learn program through the jewelry label Chureca Chic. 

EEP was founded by Andrea Paltzer on La Chureca, the largest dump site in Central America. In this underdeveloped area employment is low and poverty and unemployment (or solely employment in the informal sector) is high. EEP offers more than job opportunities but weekly health and social workshops (empowering women to take a stand against domestic abuse), school courses (literacy) and healthcare support (covering 50% of medical costs). Something that I specifically was drawn to is their commitment to women and education. By working with women, EPP empowers the community and helps fill in the educational gaps to the women in their program. Also, through the literacy courses, the women become better equipped to find employment after graduating from the program. 50% of EEP participants begin illiterate and 100% graduate literate. 90 cents of every dollar earned by these women is committed to their own health, nutrition, and their children's education. Moreover, 100% of the profits made from these colorful jewelry sales go back into funding the EEP program! 

"The CHURECA CHIC label is part of the Earth Education Project (EEP), a UK charity working in Nicaragua since 2009. The charity aims to empower Nicaraguan women living in impoverished and isolated communities with education and social skills so that they acquire the necessary abilities to enter the labour market in Nicaragua. 100% of CHURECA CHIC sales go to EEP (EEP 2015). "

"Women are catalysts for positive change. We see this every day in our work. Empowering women to participate fully in economic life across all sectors is essential to build stronger economies and achieve internationally agreed goals for development and sustainability (EEP 2015).

Hope you have a smiley Chic Friday,

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    Wooow! Beautiful post my dear!!! My new post on the blog!!! Thank you so much!!! ))

  2. Those are some great statistics Christine! So glad to see brands helping people doing so well.
    Also,you look amazing as always :)
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  3. you look beautiful! I love the dress and the earrings!

  4. Very pretty pink dress. Lovely jewelry as well!

  5. I love how so much of the money goes back to the people who create this jewelry ... I think there should be more programs like this ... I love how you showcase them on your blog ♡ xox


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