Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Wisdom Cookies + GIVEAWAY Celebrating 2 More Days

Quail Hill Irvine, Southern California Photography
Thrifted Tomboy Girly Fashion:
(AKA: how to rock a beanie with a floral dress)
Beanie | Thrifted
Floral Dress | Thrifted
Leggings | Lucy's Closet
Timerland Boots |  Lucy's Closet

Model: Lucy
Location: Quail Hill Trailhead, Irvine, California


As mentioned yesterday, I am celebrating this 3 day countdown by sharing my favorite fall photoshoots. Today I am sharing this sunrise photoshoot I took with Lucy. When I am with her I feel like I am being given wisdom cookies because this girl is not only a ball of joy, but she is so wise, patient, and invested in being successful at what is in front of her. I am inspired by her faith and sincere conviction to help others. Also, you don't see many young adults now days who are into the traditional Catholic Mass... and I mean in Latin! 

This lady is so wise and fun. Today, as a part of my 3 day countdown, I celebrate Lucy and her heart for others through Christ.

So Blessed and Grateful,

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