Monday, November 17, 2014

Sunrise Vixen Celebrating 3 More Days

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How to Style Tall Moccasin Boots:

Simply Sustainable is a Niagara Falls, Canada - based retailer which sells all fair trade and hand made jewelry and accessories. The green pendant worn here is made from the semi-precious stone Aragonite, found in Argentina. The owner and artist, Leah, does a lot of traveling between Canada and Latin America for her brand and community building. If you follow her on Instagram, you too will be able to join in her travels.  
Loose Top and Snug bottoms | Monse's Closet
Tall Brown Moccasin Boots | Goodwill
Thrifting, thrifting, thrifting! As I have been in California, I met two amazing thrifters, this gal being one of them. Don't forget that a great way to shop ethically is to shop second hand! Did you know the average consumer trashes 70 pounds of clothes and textiles per year? What if instead we swapped clothes and purchased second hand every now and then?

Model: @monserawr


As the title of this blog post indicates, new things are acomin' onto this here blog! So, to celebrate the 3 day countdown, I am going to be posting my favorite photoshoots from this fall along with a little style segment. Today marks 3 days left until the "something new" here at Beyoutiful Hope!

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  1. Perfectly chic combination. I love the fringe on your boots.

  2. Lovely fringe boots.

  3. i absolutely love these photos, such good shots!:)

    lots of love xx
    Nee from ROSECANDLE11


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