Thursday, January 9, 2014

Streets of Mexico

Jewelry | Mexico
Top | My mom's closet
Jeans | Maruices
Headwrap | Free People
Wedges | Marurices

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Okay, so I went to see FROZEN here in Mexico (of course in Spanish) and I have to say that was SUCH am amazing movie.  The trailer does not justify the incredible job the CGI and voices created in this world of FROZEN.  There have been ups and downs of my trip of course, but I shall share some super positive points!  I went to visit a school for indigenous children, and they children there are all so cute and fun.  I taught them how to use my fancy camera and pretty much ran after them for an hour as they snapped 400 photos on my camera.  

"It brought me so much joy to be able to teach children 
who have never used a camera like mine, photography.
I loved that these children found as much joy in photography as I do." 

It was actually just what I had expected to happen, but of course better. It just confirmed to me how people are people, no matter what race, place, or economic class.  I think the music I placed in this post is as liberating as the feeling I felt when the kids were taking photos.  Have you ever found someone that found as much joy in something you love and it touched your heart in a way you will never forget?

<3 Remember, this world is meant to be shared. <3

Que dios te bendiga,


  1. I thought that was your mom's lol. Enjoy the rest of your trip!!!! Tqm

  2. I like the casual vibe of this outfit. I especially like your colorful bracelet. Oh Frozen does look good. Can't wait to see it. Thanks for the recommendation.
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  3. May God bless these kids.. They can be a photographer too ;)

  4. Christine!!!!!!! Love this post girlie...p.s. your bracelet is so cute :)

  5. awww so nice of you Christine =) keep inspiring =)

  6. I love your headband and bracelet - so colorful and authentic. Purple looks great on you too! Lovely look. Happy weekend!

  7. you looks really pretty!
    Nice blog! Following u hun!


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