Thursday, January 2, 2014

Mexico: My New Backdrop

Photo Credit: ViniegraRe

Dress and Slip | Free People
Necklace | Element Style Boutique
Bracelets | Ann Taylor
Wedges | Marshalls

As my first blog post from Mexico, I have to thank God for getting me here!  It was only through God that I was able to accomplish all that I have which has now led to others providing for my trip to study Spanish in Mexico! Heeeeey!

The best part so far was waking up super early today, going for a walk, followed by pilates, attending New Year's day mass (in Spanish, of course), then going out for a nice run.  It was all topped off with photography and an ethical fashion and human trafficking abolition discussion with my dear friend, Safra (blogger at BASI and Tea n' Hunny).  This was pretty much, the epitome of my life (Best Day in a LONG TIME!)  It was so nice to just take care of myself for at least a part of the day.  The best part of Mexico is nature.  The flowers and trees are so tropical and beautiful, all while being in a non-humid climate, I love being surrounded by God's beauty. :)

“You are worthy, our Lord and God, 
to receive glory and honor and power, 
since you created all things, and because of 
your will they existed and were created!”
Revelation 4:11

And of course, Happy New Year's to all of my followers! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your feelings on the topics I write about.  You all help me grow as a young woman of God.  I wish you each a blessed new year, and am praying for your blessed new year.

Tantos besitos,

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  1. I love Mexico's scenery especially the older towns that have stayed the same. The oldish look wouldbe a great background too. Beautiful dress. You can always add quality cz jewelry and have more into the pictures. Love Mexico I would love to go there again sometime. Hope youhave a wonderful time studying and learning the culture!!

  2. What a magnificent backdrop! ^^

    Love ur dress!
    Happy New Year!


  3. Happy New Year to you too! What an exciting time for you! I hope that Mexico is everything you want and more. Studying Spanish in a city where it's a native language must be a dream. I visited there briefly and feel like I learned more in that short time than I did sitting in a classroom. Buena suerte amiga :)

    The Indie Byline

  4. Nice post!)Would you like to follow each other? Just let me know in my blog. xoxo

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  6. Happy New Year! I'm glad you got the chance to study in Mexico, this is so cool! Love the pictures, looks so beautiful :)

  7. hey girl just discovery your blog. lovely post. feel free to check mine out.

  8. Anonymous14.2.14

    Beautiful look-Paul


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