Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Excuse Me. I'm Not Drunk, I'm Just Happy!

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Sacks 5th Avenue Vintage Koala Sweater | Thrifted (and totally lovin' it!)
Double Wide Military Boots | Marisota
Ponte Pants | Maurices
Pompom hat | Free People
Computer Glasses | Firmoo


Oh my gosh, don't you have those moments when you wish you could be 7 years old forever?  No bills, no work, no coming home from work to more responsibilities, no assumptions that you know what you want to do with your life, you can play outside in the mud after school and have someone to help you clean up, etc. I know for some of you this wish may occur way more often than for others.  Yes, becoming an adult means more freedom, but it also means more responsibility.  Responsibility is a form of restraint, if you ask me.  And this is why so many times I catch myself daydreaming about being younger, or at least acting younger.  Moreover, when you are younger, for some reason society more readily accepts the fact that you are happy, without question.

 I understand that as time passes people become hurt 
and may harden their hearts to protect from
future pain, whether deliberately or in-deliberately,
but this does not mean that all people should harden their
hearts as they grow older and "mature."

For example, when people become young adults and seem to be happy, society sees it as "out of place."  Which is why people sometimes ask me, "Are you drunk?" In my head I shout back, "For real? A smile and a giggle is all it took for you to jump to that conclusion?  And you assume I can not achieve that without the help of alcohol? You deserve a smack just for thinking that. Mmmhm!"  But in reality, I answer to them with a half smile, "No, I'm just happy.  I don't need alcohol to be happy.  I actually don't drink."  Figure that!  OOOOOH the things that puzzle me from day to day.  Have you had a similar experience?  I know there are people out there that have been in a similar situation. Please share!

By the way, I'm looking for Mexican Fashion Bloggers from Cuernavaca, Mexico!
I totally want to do a fashion blogger meet up in early January when I go there for school. :)

Dreaming in Colors,

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P.S.S. The text of this post was inspired by this post by Lauren of Someone Like You.

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  1. Rhiannon4.12.13

    Christine, You always seem to amazing me. you are a girl with such big dreams and an amazing personality. I'm so glad I have the joy of calling you a friend. Keep up the amazing and beautiful work you do.

  2. The pictures are great dear! You look lovely :)

    The Vanadiere!

  3. Hi there, thanks for the sweet comment on my post! You are so pretty and I LOVE you blog!
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  4. love your hat!

  5. U r looking so cute, this pics are really nice. I like u r shoes and sweater.

  6. Your hat is so cute!<3
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  7. Lovely post...

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    Have a nice day

  8. Love it! Especially liked your final words "Live in colour" :) such a nice way to take on life...and I don't know what's wrong with being drunk on happiness :)

  9. Super cute hat! And you look so comfy in that sweater. Love the quirky look :)

  10. Beautiful pics! I love this look!

  11. Love your pictures dear.
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  12. hey!
    love the beanie; so cute!


  13. Super cute photos! You're so adorable. I love the beanie.

    The Fashann Monster

  14. Amazing outfit. ;-)
    Lovely greets Nessa

  15. following you back thanks :)

  16. Anonymous14.11.14

    Where can I buy this sweater?


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