Monday, December 17, 2012

Finals in the Stacks

Let's talk finals week... 
thank goodness that is over!
"That look" is right!

This is my friend Safra! New to my blogging world- but next post is featuring her! (Be ready)

If only finals week was actually this pretty. At my university it looks more like:
70% not showered people
 92% sweat suits
95% junk food to keep you awake
 98% tired eyed students
100% kids in a half-adult, half-kid situation.
College reminds me that I am in this motion of a planned out cycle where undergraduate studies are followed by graduate school and adult life.  I do not wish to accept that I am considered an adult.  I accept my present responsibilities and know they are blessings, but there is always the fear of not living up to the big dreams I set up for myself.  Although, with God as my lead, and the tons of prayers I have sent my way from my family, I have been quite successful at all my dreams so far!

Yesterday is just what I needed.  I went to this youth ministry in my city.  It renewed my idea of the joy of being a child.  I didn't go as a volunteer, as usual.  This time I was more of an observer.   I saw how preteens interact with each other and see how they show their insecurities subtly.  I wanted to be reminded of what the struggles of being a preteen are like, so I can reach out, in my girly yet silly way.  I also saw an AMAZING Christmas story movie (Nativity by BBC you have to check it out HERE).  I have to say it was the most moving story of Mary, Joseph and the birth of Jesus Christ that I have ever seen in my life! You know those times you just sit there and think after an event, because your brain is still processings?  This is what happened to me.

It is so easy to forget what actually happened over 2,000 years ago.  What happened? The birth of a child, in a stable where animals eat and poop.  This child was born to such a dirty and humbling scene.  This child- what was so special? God sent Him to be born through a virgin, whose husband didn't even believe she was pregnant through the miracle of God!  This virgin gave BIRTH to a SON.  The son of Mary and the son of God who was named Jesus Christ.  Born to this world to take the sins of this world through his death on the cross as an adult, yet another dirty and humbling scene.  This all happened so that even though we do evil to others, small or large, we have the opportunity to join Jesus, God and Mary in heaven after we die and leave this world.  To be able to join them, we need to live our lives with faith in what Jesus Christ taught us through his words and miracles, and believe that He was the son of God.  This means we have to live in His love! <3

This is the most incredible love story of all times. I try and fail at being love every single day- but I keep trying.  When I love as Christ taught, I see smiles and hope and joy that gives my heart such a warmth that I know my purpose is being fulfilled.  The purpose to live in the love Christ taught us, which was a message Christ gave us from the same God that made this planet and the stars and the flowers, and little babies, and you and me.

Prayers going out to all those affected by the shooting in Connecticut on Friday, as well as those injured in the primary school attack in China that same Friday.  One thing that truly saddens me is hate words towards the man who did this.  We need to be love to those in grief, not hating. Hate is what brought this 20 year old man to do this.  We need love, not hate.

In Love,

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  1. We have been studying quite a lot lately we know exactly how you feel haha !!

    the salala team is following you !! follow back ?! xx

  2. everything is so nice!

  3. Great and thoughtful post, dear! :) I really enjoyed reading it.

  4. Your blog and pictures are amazing. So inspirational! I'm glad I came across it as I'm now your newest follwer via greader. :)

  5. That is such an awesome outfit. I specially loved the scarf.
    You look great

  6. Cute little post! I'm actually supposed to be studying right now - instead I'm reading blogs!

    Christina x

  7. Glad to hear your finals are just about over! Sweet!

    Yes that tragedy is mind blowingly difficult to comprehend.

    Ali of:

  8. Dear, you're so sweet! These photos are super amazing!

  9. Great pics! Lov ur bracelet :)

  10. Anonymous24.12.12

    Thanks so much for your comment on my blog. Following you now on bloglovin and GFC, hope you can follow back =)

  11. Hahaha I totally love these pictures! Cause I know how it feels!!! Love it!

    Hope you had a wonderful christmas time with your family!!

    XxX Farah


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