Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A letter to Jas

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The beyoutiful Jaspreet.

Listen to this while you view my post. It will take you places!  Allow yourself to feel vulnerable and to be inspired by inquisition.  I have probably listened to this adagio around 100 times. It's beautiful!

"Adagio for Strings, op. 11"
Written by: Samuel  Barber
Conducted: Leonard Bernstein for New York Philharmonic

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Not a friend, but a part of the family.

Dearest Jas,

Thank you so much for everything you have done for me.  Let me run through some points.  When I first saw you I thought, "That girl looks so young. Looks Boring. I will say 'hi,' but I will probably never become her friend, so I don't think I should even try."  And you thought the same thing, but that I was an equestrian.  Look at us now, 4 years later and we are still friends because we have grown together and also because there are not many other options out there. haha

Now for the moments...
From that first time you saw me talking to a wall (when I really was only repeating my homework out loud to myself while looking up... there just so happened to be a wall there), to the time I got so upset at you for waking me up while napping (when really, you had the right to).  The first pin- enough said.  The time we went to the gym everyday(should happen again), to the day I introduced you to the word cellulite...ahh... that was a fun day.  Oh yes, I remember the joys of daily celery in the lunchroom!  I laugh at that Friday we spent almost an hour watching the same tedious spotlight trace the sky because we were so bored. We have had so many fun "first experiences," as we unnecessarily call them.  Let's not forget our code word system.  It is so entertaining and not juvenile at all.

We grew in artistry together, both learning from each other and pulling at each others' strengths.  I remember one time I was almost jealous because you were such a fast learner, and I felt as though I would be useless if I had no knowledge to share with you.  I like how there is always something one of us can teach the other.

I learned more about Indian people, Mas(s)ala, and Bollywood in these last few years than I will ever need to know for my future.  You brought my interest of cultures to a whole new level, and taught me to look at the cultures of the world through a more knowledgeable lens. Now, this is the majority of my college load!

 I love how honest you are to me.  It has made me become more honest with myself.  It does hurt my feelings sometimes, because I don't always like accepting the truth, but I think I grew tough skin because of it.  I am not  always sure if this is a good or bad thing.  One of the more fun recent times, is when we pretended to be hippies and scared that one guy into believing us, even if we thought it was obvious we were joking. "I'm like... one with the Earth man, you know?"  Classic.  Apparently, when we are together we are a force to be reckoned with... I guess it's like an explosion of unexpected moments.  Thank you for always supporting the many, MANY ideas and events I come up with, even if you may have absolutely no interest in them.  This has helped me become a stronger and more innovative leader.

We grew in the Love of God.  Friendships with God as their base are the ones that last.

You grew in confidence and artistry, I grew in critical thinking and leadership.
You may very well marry Starbucks, I may very well marry the Church.

We have pretty much no pictures together aside from this one from 2011.
I am so blessed to have you in my life. 
With Love,

What are your best friend stories? 
I would LOVE to hear!

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  4. You look stunning, pretty and pretty hair too! Love the whole outfit ensemble here....

  5. Loving the outfit! The color of your top is great!

  6. cute! i just pinned this look on the new fashion & faith pinboard! check it out! xoxo linds {{}}


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