Wednesday, September 19, 2012

To live for FREEDOM

You know those moments in time that make your heart flutter, your soul fly, or your breath thin?  Those times when you know something really great happened that will change the way you think?  This is what I experienced this weekend- at the Freedom Walk 2012...

World Globe/Traffic Light Earrings | Bangles & Bags        Sunnies, Trousers | Free People 
Shirt | DIY screen print/dip dye/cut out
Bracelets | Laci Boutique and American Eagle
Ring | Rox My Sox


And you remember Jas, don't you?  She hasn't been on my blog for months, but don't worry, we are still friends!
Hat | Maurices      Necklace | american Eagle
Shirt | DIY dip dye/screen print/ cut out
Earrings | Laci Boutique
Denim, Purse | Urban Outfitter


What and Why...

The purpose of this walk was to raise awareness of human trafficking in Toronto, Canada.  As editor-in-chief of Bloggers Against Social Injustice, I put my heart into this network and spend 1-3 hours daily working on connecting and networking for this AMAZING network of fashion bloggers uniting to advocate against human trafficking.  I would really suggest you check it out and join us!  This network of girls is the group of girls I have been missing my entire life!  Motivational, love to play with fashion, share a heart with Christ, love... my BASI girls.

But who is the group?  I invited some friends to come with me to help raise awareness and represent BASI with me (even though they aren't really fashion bloggers).  Together we raised $690 to date!  David actually just started blogging.. check him out >>  DAVID's BLOG  <<
He just started blogging yesterday- show him some blogger love, would ya?

Anyways, this completely confirmed that I want to dedicate time to hosting events to FIGHT human trafficking and social injustices for the rest of my life (on top of having a job).  If the founder of [free-them] can, so can I!  There is so much more I would love to share with you...but unfortunately there is just so much that happened that it is overwhelming to type on this blog.  So I hid it in my journal.  Old Skol Love!

And here are the photos from our travels to the [free-them] 3rd Annual Freedom Walk!

Love these pocket pictures... I really do.  I wish people captured more close up, intense shots of common ordinary life actions or places... when you look at them, they really are quite colorful, unique and beautiful.  They put on hold the beauty that time throws away.

 Such cuties.  I am so blessed to have been able to travel to Canada with this group of peers.
 The photographers were great.  Truly amazing- I felt completely free to be myself.  As many of you, yes, I am Very self -conscious of my body... but I also really believe in beYOUty.  I just want to reach my personal potential.  This photo shoot with them was the most fun I had ever had doing a photo shoot... and I have done many with modeling(Laci Boutique and Maurices) and for this blog.  Girls... who you surround yourself really depicts how you feel about yourself, but love yourselves for who you are.
 This is Randy.  He is PR for [free-them]... one of the most abundant people I have met in a really long time. I used that word for lack of a word that really captures how wholesome and passionate he is.  I had been corresponding with him for 4 months on behalf of BASI and a contest I tried to win for [free-them].  When I finally met him, I felt like he was part of my family.  Amazing person.  Even if he doesn't know it, he was like a mentor to me supporting me and keeping me motivated, even when I felt like giving up.  Thank you Randy!
 Note taking during the speakers and government officials that came to speak. Read my post about the actual speakers HERE.
The cut-out took me 1 hour! 
The balloons were not suppose to be released, but some people couldn't resist I suppose.
 I had my interview with the founder Shae Invidiata!  Check it out HERE
 The handsome gentlemen that accompanied me and the girlies.  I suppose there are still a few great guys out there.  These guys are so much fun, I'm excited to see what they do with their futures.
Excited because this is my first street style shot! I feel like I just reached a new level of "bloggerness."
When we arrived back home, I dropped everyone off, then Jas & I went out to eat.  We talked and tears came as I realized that so many things are happening in my life... I am maturing and am recognizing it in the way I think and look and act.  The past month  things have built into this sort of volcano, filled with my future.  It is now.  I have been waiting for the "it moment" when I recognized that I am now becoming a young woman of God... and it came.  And you don't know how satisfied yet confused but blessed I feel.

My name is Christine and I stand for Freedom.


Check out my Bloggers Against Social Injustice post covering the Freedom Walk
>> HERE <<


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