Wednesday, December 26, 2018

"Christ in Christmas" Thoughts in a Winter Wonderland (Ethically Styled)

Ethical Alpaca Sweater, Ines Alpaca Pullover | Callina
Hand-knit by artisans with locally sourced alpaca wool in Peru
Eco High Low Brown Maxi Skirt | Raven and Lily
Hand-made by a women's coop using recycled polyester threads
Chunky Knit Beanie | Free People (not ethical)
Eco Travel Pouch with Tassel | Teixchel
Hand-woven by an artisan association with ecothreads in Guatemala
Stud Earrings, Rose Druzy Earrings | Rachel Keppler Designs
Hand crafted by my high school friend


I hope you all had a very joyous Christmas with family and food, celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ! I absolutely love Christmas, mostly because one of my favorite points in the year is going to midnight mass at the church I grew attending. Midnight mass is so full with people who make the extra effort to make their way to church at midnight. I love this. Also, the church is decorated so wonderfully. However, it is the full choir, orchestra and bell choir that make me excited every time I think about midnight mass! It created an ambiance so spectacular and truly makes the mass a loud, joyous celebration for Jesus.
Hark! The herald angels sing. Glory to the new born King!
  I love that everyone can join and worship, and since the choir is so loud and amazing, even if you sing badly, no one will hear it. I did get tired towards the end, because it was after my 5 hour family holiday party. So the next morning I slept in until our family went to noon mass. hehe.

Reflecting on Christmas and what it has become, I do feel sad when I hear and see how watered down Christmas has become. (You know, focusing on gifts or saying that it is about family... when it is about Jesus.) Christmas is a day to remember the story of how Jesus was born through a miracle to a virgin, Mary and how this little baby boy is one with God and through Jesus and God's mercy, Jesus then grows on to show us who is God and how we can have freedom and everlasting life after we die. It is so incredible and fills me with light. I pray that even if I can be quite annoying and impatient at times, that I may be a light to everyone I meet, like Jesus is the light of the world.

How was your Christmas? What is your favorite part of Christmas?

Merry Christmas Season,

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  1. This is a beautiful ethnically sourced outfit. You look so lovely! Adorable white sweater and beanie. I love winter white outfits. Lovely snow photos as well.


Thank you for the lovely comment. God bless & stay Be-you-tiful!