Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Organic Cotton Basics: Econscious Review

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Upcycled Brass Yasura Earrings | c/o Hovey Lee
Handmade in Los Angeles, sourced and made in the USA, all of the metals used in Hovey Lee jewelry are from recycled metals
Cassie Capri Organic Cotton Leggings | c/o Satva
All natural, organic cotton, donation participation in their India GiveBack Program
Organic Cotton Berry Pullover | c/o Econscious
Certified organic cotton and involved in numerous environmental protection programs

Hopped back on over to Guatemala after being home for the holidays! I just love the sunset here and definitely do not miss the searing cold winds from home. haha. Today I bring forth to you beautiful people a quick chill day OOTD and review!

I use to be one of those people ho was anti leggings and big sweaters. I was more of a PJ bottoms and hoddie girl. But as my social circle in Guatemala is changing a bit, I find myself changing and might I add morphing my fashion style a bit. This includes accepting the existence of leggings and pullovers. Yes, they are so comfy - I get it now!!! haha. So now that that's off the table, let's start this review.

Econscious contacted me a few months a go to ask if I would check out two of their products. So, I picked out this berry pullover and a basic black v-neck tshirt - all organic cotton. The interior of the cotton pullover is so soft to the touch and cozy against the skin. I also received a basic black vneck tshirt, definitely not as soft as the pullover, but it is softer than the general manufactured 100% cotton tshirt I am use to and it also has a great stretch to it - it's my travel shirt. I am super pleased with the texture of the two pieces I received from Econscious especially since they haven't started pilling after over a few dozen uses! As for the pricing, they are what you can expect for a quality organic cotton piece - and their sales prices are equivalent to a fast fashion priced tshirt, so if you can only go for sales, do it! I will add that their product is great, however, their marketing isn't super modern and shiny which may throw you off. If I need basics, I'll definitely come to this brand because I love the stretch and blend more than my normal basics (Threads for Thought or hand me downs)

5/5 product quality and feel
4/5 pricing

Happy February,
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  1. I think pending a few extra dollars on a quality piece of clothing is worth it Christine... it lasts longer and keeps it shape better... cheaper clothes just fall apart... the pictures are amazing xox


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