Sunday, May 1, 2016

Into The Woods

Photographer/Stylist: Christine
Photography Assistance: Thenappan
Model: Sang Hee

In the beginning of this month, Thenappan, Sang Hee and I set out to do an "into the woods" inspired shoot. I don't mean the book, play or movie (which I wanted to like, but am not really a fan) - I just mean, we literally had a goal to do a photoshoot in the woods and it just so happened that Sang Hee looked best in my red dress and this jacket was the warmest for the climate. So these coincidence culminated in this small set of photos, which are edited a bit darker and mysterious than my usual photography style. Why not try something new?

Someone reminded me that the other day. It's exciting to apply it to my product producing hobbies as well. When it comes to photography I don't really make much time to invest in learning new styles, so I typically stick to what I know best. However, I went out on a limb (well, Sang Hee actually did this for some of the pics in this shoot which I didn't publish). Let me know what you think in the comments below. As for me, back to finals month, AKA: writing until I die (because it feels never-ending). I remember the good old days of (undergrad) just having a finals week...

Trying Something New,
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P.S. May God be with all of you during your finals! xoxo Keep me in your prayers too!


  1. Christine, these pictures in the woods a wonderful, I love the red dress, and the coat... the backdrop has such great scenery... wow... you did so great xox

  2. Love it, that coat is super cool!


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