Monday, February 1, 2016

Travel Diaries ♥ Cakery in Xela, Guatemala

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I am so sprinkliciously excited to share with you a new discovery I found in Quetzaltenango (Xela)! I know usually I only do ethical fashion and faith even when I travel, but this time I'm going to go a bit beyond fabric... because CUPCAKES are worth it! Today we take a trip to Guatemala to visit Cakery. This gourmet cupcake shop opened the same week that I arrived in Xela. What a coinkydink, right?

Of course when I discovered how beautiful the cupcakes are and then how delicious they taste, I was hooked! Even more addicted than myself was my friend Naiima and my teacher. It's funny because one day, on my way home from Spanish class, I saw my teacher outside of the Cakery. What was he doing? Treating himself to a cupcake. haha. (GERSON, I saw you!) Back to my friend, she went so far as bringing back half a dozen. Heads up to you all, USA TSA is not a fan of cucpakes. :/ Boo!

Anyhow, since I visited Cakery quite often, I decided that it was only right to do a mini interview and video about my new sprinkly find. For Zully, the owner, making cupcakes began as a hobby. She started selling them to family and friends and a few years later it grew so much that she opened up her own shop! Unfortunately, I was told that there aren't that many local cupcake fanatics in the area. :/ However, she is so super talented, that I am sure that once people discover her bakery, the cupcakes will be practically flying out of the oven! Just look at that Snoopy below. So cute, right? ;) I hope you feel like you are walking through the bakery when you watch this video. 

Nom, nom, nom.
What is your favorite dessert?
Note: I am a huge fan of dessert, but balance is key.
Don't forget to eat your veggies daily!

Sprinkled Covered Hugs from Guatemala,


  1. My favourite desert it's maybe ice cream, but I can eat almost everything ahah I'm not picky xD

  2. These are so cute Christina... people are so talented when making things like these... I am an ice cream girl.. I certainly need to limit myself with that. My daughter loves cupcakes and she would adore these... they look yummy xox

  3. Are you still in Xela? I am too! Would love to meet up!! Email me at :)

    Cassandra from

  4. How yummy ~!
    I love cupcakes too!! So sweet and cute


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