Sunday, December 27, 2015

Capture the Sky

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Photography/Direction: Jas Kaur
Concept Assitance: Thanappan
Edited By/Model: Christine Tjahjadi-Lopez
Model: Ana Alhoud

A few months ago I did this long exposure photoshoot in a team of four, listed above. Jas led the shoot and we played around with the bulb setting until we got to her vision. One thing I love about photography is how each stage of the photography process makes a huge difference to the final product. From initial concept, to concept assistance and input from models, then final editing... everyone contributes so much. It is a real testament to the power of team work and the importance of utilizing differences. :)

Also, Merry Christmas to all! I hope your Christmas is going splendid. My Christmas was filled with family, church services, food and gifts. The most wonderful time of the year, because we celebrate that Jesus is here!

Warm Hugs and Big Smiles,


  1. Merry Christmas Christine... it sounds like you had such a lovely Christmas... a perfect way to spend the holidays xox

    The photos are awesome...I love how people can take some interesting pictures that have so much depth ♡

  2. i love these photos,and i think that they are art

  3. stunning photos!


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