Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Discovery, Volume I: Dance

I am so excited to introduce to you the first of multiple issues of my new series, The Discovery. Basically since starting graduate school I have decided that one of my personal growth goals is to strengthen my creative and photography skills, utilizing my blog as a way to share and mark my progression. 

Today's issue is the first of the series and features photos from a collaborative effort between dancers and photographers at the University at Buffalo in Buffalo, New York called UB Fusion. For this, I partnered up with photographer Thenappan and models Jessie and Olivia. When I first arrived to the collaboration I had wanted to be a photographer, but then I decided to just direct the photoshoots, since I had already come to the shoot with props and have a clear idea of what I do and do not like when it comes to dance photos. If you don't know already, I danced ballet for 17 years and was on pointe for 6 years. It's been a while since I have formally danced, but I still have an eye for pointing out technique. (What dancer ever forgets the execution of movement? When you dance it becomes part of your soul.)

Back to the photo shoot... I came to the shoot with my ladder because I had envisioned a long-haired ballet dancer in a black leotard in a low panaché derriére on the front of a ladder. To my surprise, the photo actually brought my vision to life! (Thank you Jess!)

It was so nice to be able to step into the dance world again but this time from a new aspect, next to the photographer. As a the self-appointed creative director of this photography session, I was able to direct the what and where of each shot, which was beautiful because these lovely and talented models were able to execute all of the positions with grace and gusto! It was like I was stepping into the dance world again, except I could do so free from the self criticism I always placed on myself. (What dancer isn't super hard on her/himself? That's why dancers are such hard workers!) I decided with Thenappan that I could do the photo editing. I am not a huge fan of editing photos, but I was so in love with this photo shoot that I excitingly edited each photo, and thereafter compiled this online publication! Let me know what you think!

Below are my favorite photos and some behind the scenes pictures as well!

pointe, jessie miller, thenappan chinnatah, christine tjahjadi-lopez,
dance, jessie miller, thenappan chinnatah, christine tjahjadi-lopez,
Olivia Bergmann, thenappan chinnatah, christine tjahjadi-lopez,
jessie miller, thenappan chinnatah, christine tjahjadi-lopez,
Olivia Bergmann, thenappan chinnatah, christine tjahjadi-lopez,

I hope you enjoy this little editorial spread! <3 Thanks for stopping by and see you next week!


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  1. awesome pics!

  2. Especially love the ones where the dancers are in mid-air <3 So perfect.

  3. Amazing! I love these artistic photos.

  4. Wow to these photos Christine, you took some very good pictures here... I love the one of the dancer in mid air.♡

  5. i love fashion thing,and i want to have more fashion


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