Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Trujillo Part I: Hostel Living to Pyramid Sighting

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Here we go! The next few posts will cover my backpacking trips over the past few months, which I took between teaching in Peru. 

Today's post is part 1 of 2, covering my backpacking trip to Trujillo, Peru which I did accompanied by my friend and fellow volunteer. Our journey began as we entered the across-the-country bus. Stinky and ready to get our trip started we hopped off of that 15 hour bus ride in search of our hostel. Thank goodness Emily had backpacked before and has a great sense of direction!

Once we settled into the hostel, we coursed our plan of action for the next few days. This included museums, pyramids, a visit to the artisan market, and discovering Northern Peruvian food (yummy). We visited the pyramid of the moon and the sun (of the Moche Civilization) after hopping on a local bus and were able to walk through the pyramids. First of all, it is incredible to see images that I previously only knew in brochures or online. It is like I am walking into a part of history. Also, I thought it was very exciting to be guided through the pyramid in Spanish... this was actually my first week in Peru! It is just so incredible to learn and see how civilizations built up then abandon. The violence that each civilization lived in always shocks me. I am referring to their human sacrifices and torture. I also wonder what God thought about this. I also wonder how the levels of violence in ancient civilization compare to our society. As the tour progressed I learned new vocabulary works including one that is an international singer. Apparently shakira means bead... before looking it up I was confused as to whether she made a Shakira reference. Fortunately locals behind me also asked each other the same question and came to the conclusion that it meant bead.  :)

Feeling kinda sick today, so that's all for now.

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  1. Beautiful. Such amazing photos!

  2. Christine, I hope you feel better... I too have wanted to see and experience sites I've seen in brochures... the pyramids must be SO amazing. I would love to see thier beauty and culture... so amazing xox ♡

  3. Hahahaha, as a Colombian who tries to buy jewelry made by indigenous tribes in my country, I used to wonder why they called my bracelets 'shakira bracelets', so I can totally relate! I'm so happy that you liked South America! I'm just going to be very biased and suggest you take a trip to Colombia:)


Thank you for the lovely comment. God bless & stay Be-you-tiful!