Sunday, June 14, 2015

Tablas De Mujeres

Christine Tjahjadi-Lopez
Christine Tjahjadi-Lopez
Arena y Esteras Lima, Peru
Villa El Salvador Teatro

As you may know, I teach creative movement to a group of seniors. This group is more of a theater therapy group, because of the hard pasts of each of the women. 

Tablas De Mujeres is a play written, with guidance of the director Ana Sofia, by the senior theater group I work with at Arena y Esteras in Lima, Peru. Tablas De Mujeres means Women's Boards in Spanish. Why? These boards represent the work that these women's childhoods were filled with. Also, these tablas (boards) are heavy, and their weight represents the weight their past has played in their lives. The play is an account of the pasts of these abuelitas (grandmas). It tells the stories of their stolen childhoods which instead of play were filled with dawn to dusk work. Not just work, but abuse if they didn't complete their tasks correctly. The abuelitas act, sing, and share their stories a the microphone. (I was a background dancer and they called me their little angel, hehe). The beautiful thing about this play is that it closes with the abuelitas sharing their dreams and goals. Now they are free, emotionally and physically, and are enjoying life. 

At the end of the play each of the abuelitas shared a few words. It was so beautiful to hear them share with the crowd the importance of believing in themselves. The abuelitas told the crowd that no matter  someone's age or situation, they can become involved and break the cycle of abuse and to create a more beautiful and strong community. As I watched portions of this play from the sidelines it more than captured my attention. At moments I couldn't keep a smile from my face yet at other moments I felt like crying. All the different conversations I have had with these ladies have touched my heart. The life lessons they share with me through their pasts are things that I will definitely walk with in my life and teach to my children, when the time comes. 

Every day is an opportunity to be a light in the world. 
Never forget that.

With Faith,

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  1. Lovely post! It is so sweet to see them dancing or doing a play! How nice that You help them :)

  2. Christine this was truly beautiful... I believe all these stories we hear of peoples lives are more important than anything we will ever be given... they are wonderful life lessons... I have learned so much from just listening to things other people have been through, just letting them talk ... all they want is to be able to speak their truth, I know this because that is what I want...

    I am always amazed at how wise you are for such a young age, I am working to instill this in my youngest daughter, I want her to know things are not important, love and people are xox

  3. Beautiful post. ^^
    New post is online...

  4. This looks like such an amazing thing to be a part of.I'm glad that they are now able to look at a better future.
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