Friday, May 1, 2015

Bungee Awayyyy

Throwback post to Bungee Jumping and Canopy(ing) in Ecuador!

There have always been three things that I have considered a bit "extreme" that I have wanted to do. Cliff jumping, bunjee jumping, and paintballing. I still haven't paintballed, while I was in California I was able to cliff jump into a lake, and just a few weeks ago I had the opportunity to bunjee jump! At first, I thought, "I'm not afraid of heights, this will be cake."  Then when I stood on that platform and looked down at what could be my potential death, I could not get myself to jump.  I ended up falling off of the platform, more than jumping, but while I was in the air, it was as if I was a ballerina bird, dancing with absolutely no care in the world! This promted me to do it once more, but this time backwards!!! Oh the thrill and liberation! 

Never be afraid to challenge yourself to the next level. 
Maybe your fears aren't as scary as they seem.

God Bless Always and Forever,

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  1. Years ago I couldn't even stand on a stool... I've worked on that fear and last year I walked over the bridge I live near a few times...this summer I want to zipline if at all possible. As far as bungee jumpjng I'm pretty sure I couldn't do it... someone would have to push me Kudos to you Christine ♡ xox

  2. Oh my goodness! What a wonderful experience. I've always wanted to do something like this, but have been to scared to try it. This gives me inspiration to not be so afraid! <3

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  4. Your face in the first pic! Love it. After wanting to see these pics for weeks, exams finally allow me a lil break. I love this post and can't wait to try it! All the best for the rest of your trips and continue to share your adventures with us.

  5. Where was this in Ecuador?


Thank you for the lovely comment. God bless & stay Be-you-tiful!