Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Velvet at Sunset

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Boatline Velvet Dress with Pockets: Little Black Dress || c/o eShaki
"wages paid by eShakti typically 50% to 100% over the Indian government's minimum stipulation"
Pearl Bracelet || Garage Sale
buying previously used items is a sustainable way to revamp your wardrobe
Velvet Punps || Nine West from Marshalls
not ethically sourced*
Clutch || F21
not ethically sourced*

If you are a fashion blogger living anywhere in the world where it snows, you know what it is like to do a blog post where you can no longer feel your fingers nor face. You just want those golden hour shots and so you choose cute over comfort. Here is a quick tip to staying warm during winter photoshoots: Bring a huge bag with you and inside it put a super warm blanket, a hot pouch for your fingers, and some ear muffs(least hair contact). Between shots warm up and be sure to keep your nose warm too. Have the friend who is taking the pictures help you with this. :)

Today I am reviewing this little black velvet dress (Valentine's Day Dress) from eShakiA classic cut, mid-heavy weight, and a super flare effect, I am so excited to take this dress for a twirl... literally, because I'm going swing dancing in it. I was excited when they contacted me again for a review because I just love how each of the dresses on their site can be customized from the length, to the sleeves, to the neckline. It makes me feel like a designer! The only two caveats I have with eShaki are: 1) many of their dresses are poplin and since I don't like ironing I hunt through their site for the non-wrinkle fabrics; and 2) they should strengthen their ethical standards of production (going beyond the minimum is one thing, but it would be fantastic if eShaki took another step forward!) Let's get even better, eShaki! //  Sponsored // eShaki is also on: FacebookPinterest & Instagram

Stay warm folks!

Hiding from the Snow (Sorta'),

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  1. Christine, I really like your dress... it's very pretty. I was supposed to have a Valentine dance to go to Friday to show off my new little black dress (first one I've owned.... I just found out we are getting a storm :-( .... )

    Hopefully I will get to wear it soon... at this rate I'm going to wear it to the grocery store... lol

    I hope to get to dance in it some where...:-)

    I want easy care items too... the easier the better...

    I agree that more companies should have ethical standards ♡


Thank you for the lovely comment. God bless & stay Be-you-tiful!