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As Human Trafficking Awareness Month Comes to a Close...

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Women's Blue Loose Fitted Top || c/o Elegantees
Ethically sourced, ethically produced by survivors of sex slavery
*Congrats to Anna Malika's new line with Elegantees! xoxo, Girly!*
Studded Denim Shorts || Upcycled
Previously jeans found from the Salvation Army which I cut, bleached, dip dyed, and studded into shorts with my BFF. Total Time: 8 hours
Bracelet Stack || Including Purpose Jewelry and Relevee Jewelry
Made by survivors of sex slavery in India
White Low Tops || c/o Keds Brave Life
Won these as a part of the Keds Brave Life Project

As human trafficking awareness month ends, I have been intentionally pondering on the concept of freedom. Really, what does it mean to be free? To me freedom is not only physical, emotional, and geographic, but spiritual as well (I need most progress in this arena). I have been so surprisingly blessed to have been able to travel to many countries the past 6 years. Each time I return, I realize how blessed I am to live free in America. What I find to be a basic necessity, millions of people on this 7 billion people planet do not even have. Thinking in the perspective of human trafficking on a global scale, it is hard to believe that human trafficking exists in every country, including America. Sometimes it is hard for me to accept the reality of human trafficking because the trade of humans is not only unfathomable and socially invisible, but it seems like such a distant situation from the life I have been blessed to be raised in. I think that knowing this pushes me to do something for the millions who have not had this opportunity.

So you may be asking yourself, "What can I really do that will even make a dent in this problem?" What can you and I do that will tangibly make an impact on the millions of people that are living a life that is not their own? I asked myself this regularly. Below is my reflection/suggestion to answering this question.

 I can inform myself on the signs of human trafficking and be aware of the red flags so that I can be prepared if I see anything.  I can sign petitions and send letters to my government representatives to help pass laws in favor of protecting victims and punishing pimps. I can decide to make fashion purchases (choices) that support the economic empowerment of survivors of human trafficking, like the top from Elegantees that I am wearing in this post. I can attend local human trafficking awareness events, volunteer for anti-trafficking organizations and even begin events. I can join online campaigns to raise funds and awareness with other fashion bloggers, like DRESSember this past December (this year I led a link-up).

Each of these steps either touches upon the prevention, rescue, recovery, prosecution of pimps, and/or economic empowerment for victims and survivors of human trafficking. Your contribution to help end human trafficking does not have to be huge, like directing an entire organization. Even if you aren't directly working with victims or survivors, you are making a difference with these steps. Never forget that you as an individual can make a difference.

"I know us as individuals may seem
small and insignificant, but it's not about 
how small we are, it's about 
how big we think we can change the world."

-Vivienne Harr, then 9 years old

Back in 2014 I wrote a piece on Vivienne Harr and her Make A Stand lemonade. This little girl learned about human trafficking and decided she wanted to do something, so she started a lemonade stand. Just a  few years later, Make A Stand is an ethically produced lemonade business which has raised over $111,000 to help these human trafficking abolition organizations continue their freedom work. The actions of this little girl have shown me that it doesn't take a phD to make a difference in this world, you just need a heart for freedom and a determined mindset. Let's go forward with this in our minds and hearts.

Never Allow Circumstances Blind You from Truth,

For More Resources on Human Trafficking Visit:
Polaris Project: D.C. Fellowship Program
International Justice Mission: Make a Difference on Campus

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  1. Christine, this is awesome... no matter how small we think we are, we can do big things. I talk about not having time, I just need to manage my time better... I need to prioritize my time and stop wasting it... you are an inspiration ♡

  2. Such cute shorts, love that you paired them with sneakers!

  3. Love this post...Every little bit we can do to help someone else get their freedom helps even if it something as simple as a comment somewhere or signature on a petition.It doesn't take too much of time and you never know the effect it might have!
    You look great,btw!

  4. Thank you for sharing. This is a touching post. I think we all are blessed and can do something to help others.

    Jasmine x
    For a Real Woman

  5. I absolutely love the idea behind your blog! I haven't come across a site like it, and I love how you incorporate fashion into it as well. This post in particular has a fantastic message that we all need to consider more often. Great site :)


    Looks by Lau

  6. YES. I love this post. First off, your studded shorts (especially since you did it yourself) are awesome. Second, human trafficking is still such an overlooked and horrific problem. I've supported relevant charities, a friend's Kickstarter video made to combat trafficking, and bought gifts where the funds are used to help recovering victims of sex trafficking. And still, it feels like such a mountainous problem. But you're right - we can absolutely take steps to help and you're taking a step to help already by sharing this on your blog!

    <3 Kelsea | Kels Shark

  7. I've never seen the fashion blogger like you, that's so great that you use ethical clothes and write about such important things! I'm only wearing cruelty free clothes without real fur, leather etc..but it's so hard to be an ethical style blogger in my country, you are really awesome!

  8. Anonymous30.1.15

    this is a beautiful post, Christine. thank you for sharing your wise, inspiring words!

  9. cool shorts!! :)

    happy february!
    Animated Confessions

  10. Thanks for sharing this post!
    nice shorts!
    I'm following you via GFC , kindly follow back


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