Thursday, December 11, 2014

Ethical Holiday Gift Guide: Made in the USA

Happy Thursday to all on this wonderful day in the second week of Advent! How exciting, right? Only two more weeks until we celebrate Jesus Christ's birth! Woop woop! ;)

Today I am excited to be collaborating with California-based sustainable fashion blogger Yarina the "fashion scientist", from Fashion Hedge. Unlike my blog which is more of a style blog, Yarina's blog extends into sustainable living, which is so lovely. Together, we have both put together lists of minimalist-inspired  made in the USA products! We hope this helps you with your 2014 holiday shopping! After you check out these sa-weet finds, be sure to leave a comment then head over to check out Yarina's sister post. ;) Just a heads up, this list's ranges from $14 - $350.

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Yarina’s Picks
1.      MARKET BLOUSE | Be Good Clothing -- Made in Los Angeles, CA, with 100% Chinese Silk and dyed non-azo and non-formaldehyde dyes.
2.      TITANIA INGLIS HAND-KNIT MERINO WOOL HAND WARMERS | Helpsy -- Hand-knitted in Maine with Merino Wool from Catskill Merino, a cruelty-free facility where sheep are never fed antibiotics or hormones
3.      DANGLING HEART RING | Ariel Gordon Jewelry -- Made in Los Angeles, CA, by American designer Ariel Gordon with gold/sterling silver
4.      MELIA SERAA DOUBLE BOX BAG | Freedom of Animals -- Freedom of Animals is based in New York and all of its products are made in USA. Made of post consumer plastic, 40% of which is biodegradable, vegetable dyed and with organic cotton lining.
5.      COLOR REVOLUTION N°9.5 SUNGLASSES | Westward Leaning -- Made in San Francisco, CA, Westward Leaning is inspired in human achievements and supports different causes related to education represented in each of their products.
6.      BLACK TWIST DRESS | ethica -- Made in New York in small quantities with organic or recycled fibers. 
7.      PINK HIMALAYAN BATH SALTS | Mullein and Sparrow -- Made in New York with natural ingredients and handcrafted in small batches.
8.      GINGER BODY SCRUB| Origins -- A cleansing blend of sea salt, Macadamia, Soybean and Sweet Almond Oil.
9.      DARK RUM VOTIVE CANDLE | Malin+Goetz -- As ewe explained in a previous post, we love this brand's range of products and commitment to local production since its beginnings in New York in 2004.
*Bonus pick: HILLER COAT| Reformation
Made in Los Angeles with deadstock material, waste fabrics from fashion houses.

My Picks
10.  ECO-FRIENDLY NAIL LAQUER | Scotch Naturals -- "3 free" nontoxic as well as free of ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, nitrocellulose, acetone, and heavy metals, water-based polish
11.  MOXIE MUST-HAVE DRESS | Mod-cloth -- Vintage inspired, women-headed company
12.  KEYSTONE RING | Lab by Laura Ross (from Modavanti) -- Artisan handmade, hand carved from wax and cast in Brooklyn, New York
13.  PARALLEL LINES CUFF | Marjorie Baer -- Handmade in San Fransisco Bay Area
14.  BLACK IPAD CLUTCH | Slightly Alabama (from Modavanti) -- Artisan handmade in New York
15.  HERA NECKLACE | Hovey Lee -- Handmade, ecojewelry, consciously sourced and produced in Los Angeles, California
16.  BEANIE - BLACK | Native Standard -- Start-up

We hope our list helps you choose products that support American-made artisans and companies this holiday season!

Celebrating Advent by Being More Gracious,

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  1. Great product selection! :)

  2. Ouuu, I love this post! I find it so hard to find ethical companies online. I suppose it's good that there are so many out there, but it's hard to go through them all. And I think you might be the first person I've seen talk about eco-friendly, non-toxic nail polish - this makes me happy :) The ingredients in regular polish is scary!

    In answer to your question, yes, I am trying to live an ethical and sustainable lifestyle. My partner and I just moved to the country (one reason was so that we can start raising chickens and have a garden) and we have been on a path to a more environmentally friendly life. Our biggest thing right now is not purchasing anything not from Canada and the US (hello, neighbour) and to decrease our household plastic. We do a lot, but that's top on our list right now. I'd love to hear your thoughts, efforts, and ideas!

  3. The dress on the right is great.


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