Sunday, June 15, 2014

PostGrad Probs? Tell Me About It.

Hooded Zippie | Milwaukee Ballet
Ankle Crop Pants | Free People
Sneaks |  Inkkas (Ethical)

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1.5 months since I last blogged, 1 month since I graduated, 1 week since I had my first ever talk at a national conference, 5 days since I began my internship, and 1 day since I still am not sure exactly sure what to do with my life. Livin' the life of a PostGrad...

Four years ago when I entered college I thought I knew what I wanted and that I was going to be one of those students who would never change their major and would go right from college into the work force. Two years later when I changed my major I thought the same thing.  Yet here I am postgrad looking around and thinking to myself, "I still am not completely sure what career I want for the rest of my life."  Based on much advise given to me, it is OKAY to think this way.  Apparently interests change over time and thus, my entry position postgrad does not set in stone the career I will have until I retire. This is something I tend to forget.  It is important to not ignore the present because you are so preoccupied with future uncertainties. After all, you are not God.

Looking back at college, it is true that I was preparing for a certain career and had set certain expectations for myself.  I felt like I was learning in the classroom and learning to implement it into real life through my activism work. Truly, some of the things I learned in the classroom are translating into my current internship, however, others are only by-the-books information. There is really no way to pre-sort what information is truly applicable to life while you are still a student in college.  But while you are in college, learn as much as you can so you have a plethora of knowledge to choose from! :)

If I would give one piece of advice to current students it would be this: Learn what you can in each of your classes and go beyond. Take every experiential learning opportunity and create your own learning experiences so you can translate your classroom knowledge into an applicable skill.  Don't expect that you will always follow the long-tern path you set for yourself, but strive towards your end goal while expanding on your learning opportunities along the way.

Just Being and Seeking,

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