Thursday, May 1, 2014

Stop Trying So Hard To Try

" Beyoutiful Hope means that as I grow in experience and learn
 in this world, I will always strive towards God as the me
that He created... not the me that the world created."

Vintage Beaded Vest | Thrifted (garage sale)
Tank | borrowed
Pants | Anthropologie (made in USA)
Boots | Borrowed
Glasses | Firmoo (1st pair free!)
Bangles | so old, I don't even know

Many of my friends, both female and male, have body image problems.  Sometimes this group includes me. Either we want less fat, more muscle, a different face, or some other change to who we are at the moment. But within this group there is the group of people who complain for the sake of complaining, and those that complain and then take action steps to make a change. The first group may complain but will then do something to make a difference, like eating healthier and actually exercising. This second group of people are so caught up in complaining that they allow their complaints to create a barrier to change.  This results in nothing actually happening. These people hold themselves back from change by allowing their fears to consume their objectives. I've been on both sides of this mindset...

This past Lent I gave up complaining. It actually made a difference. Instead of complaining, I tried to replace each complaint with a moment of gratitude towards God. That was hard, and honestly, I was not 100% successful! However, this Lenten sacrifice made a difference within myself and how I outwardly look at myself, in regards to body-image.

It's so exciting because I am truly starting to appreciate how I look and how I move as a young woman that does not define herself by the art she performs or the sport she plays. I'm not an old lady and have not undergone any substantial physical change, but since I was younger and in ballet I have always wanted to have a ballet dancer's body. Looking at me, that is obviously not even possible, haha.

"I am now trying my best to just focus on me. So that I can 
be the best me possible. If God created me wonderfully and beautifully,
 I had better take advantage of that, right?"

I am working on understanding how to make the healthiest lifestyle I can, with time for eating, exercising, watching TV, and enjoying life. This new focus, and my experience over Lent has helped me appreciate myself more, and change my mentality.  By God's grace, I'm beginning to more and more love the person God loves, that's me (and you)!  I hope you will take time to replace your complaint with a gratitude towards God, and through this, grow in how you look inward and outward.

Smiling from Within More,

P.S. If you feel like this post would help a friend who has ever felt this way, please feel free to share it!


  1. Very urban chic. Love the vest and slim pants. Fabulous way to dress!
    Have a marvelous day!

  2. Absolutely wonderful what you are doing. Thanks for introducing me to your blog!


  3. Great post and great cause! I entered!

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  4. Great post and great cause, I entered!

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  5. Love the location where you took the pictues!

  6. Great look! Love the ankle boots and love your attitude about giving up complaining!

    Katie - <a href=">See What Katie Wears</a>

  7. Christine thank you for visiting my blog and inviting me to participate and get to know more about you.

    You are gorgeous and beautiful and it's great to know that at such a young age you're focusing on letting your inner beauty shine too. In order to be happy, really have to embrace who we are, flaws and all.

    I would also like to invite you to sign up your blog to the "I’m a Miss/Mrs Looking Good Blog Directory. Go to

    Check it out, thanks!

    - Karen

  8. Great look, love the pants! Oh well, we´re not perfect and I think we have to accept what we are unless of course we do something about it like what you did and I applaud that. :)

  9. Cute casual look! Looks pretty comfortable too :)


  10. Great look and great post! Thanks for the advice. <3


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