Friday, April 25, 2014

"The Times" Wins 1st at Earth Week Fashion Show

Event: University's Earth Week Eco-Glam Fashion Show

Outfit: "The Times"

Creators: Myself (Christine) and Jas (Modeling it too)

  • Skirt - Newspaper (School Newspaper)
  • Vest - Magazine Paper (Elle and Bazaar)
  • Bodice - Shipping Packaging Envelope (Free People)
  • Adhesive - Staples (we used staples and folds to hold the outfit together)
Inspiration: Ballet Tutu & Corset

Jas and I decided to enter our school's eco-fashion show, where you make an outfit out of used materials.  First we thought about upcycling materials from my scrap fabric pile, then we considered making a magazine 50s-style flapper dress, but in the end our costume morphed into a ballet look!  I had the idea for the vest and Jas had the idea for the hair flower and bodice which inspired the idea for the tutu!  I shaped the vest to her body shape since we didn't have a dress form to use. It is funny how the details of this outfit (length, cut) just came through conversation and tailoring a look to her body shape. Together we began and completed this in just 4 hours! Note: the rectangular pieces for the vest were previously folded from a past art project.

But yes, fun stuff! When we took first, we were also awarded $50, which we are going to use towards an upcoming international photography program we are creating!  But back to fashion shows, we hope to enter another recycled contest soon! Happy Earth Week! <3

Never Close Yourself off to Inspiration,

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  1. This is such a cool dress! Love the dress
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  4. Omg holy moly this diy outfit looks stunning and marvelous!! You girls are so awesome and creative!! I wish I had your skills!! Happy Monday!!

    xx Mira

  5. So chic and stunning! Very vogue. Congratulations!


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