Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Beached Winter Mermaid

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Feeling like a mermaid in this skirt, hence the title of this festive post...

Necklace/Earrings  |  Ecolissa
Bralette  | Free People (not ethical)
Backpack  | From my trip to Mexico
Vest | Upcycled Myself (hours of fun)
High Low Maxi Skirt  |  Accompany Us 
Handwoven Inkkas Sneaks  |  Modavanti

Promo code, promotion code, discount code for my ethical fashion finds:
20% off at Ecolissa "EcoFashion"
10% off Inkkas Shoes "DEAL10"
10% off Modavanti "BeyoutifulYOU"
15% off Modavanti "FREEPEOPLEINTL"
$20 off first purchase, Sign up at Modavanti
$30 off first order of +$150 from Accompany Us


So, the weather was horrible for photography, but I really wanted to get a photoshoot done for all of my exciting new ethical clothing! I am actually working on an ethical clothing haul video which I will post sometime next week!You can't really tell, but it is 25 degrees outside, and so yes, I was a bit more than tepid in that no sleeve top.  But the skirt kept me surprisingly warm.  So, I hope you liked my "winter bathing suit look."  We can just pretend I am a winter mermaid leaving the lake in search for new travels on land. That works, right?  ^_^

I am very much looking forward to shooting on this location when Spring actually arrives, because I don't really consider it spring when there is snow outside and I have to wear 2 jackets, boots, sweatpants, and a scarf. :p  Below is information I copied and pasted from the online retailers on every piece I have worn, because I believe you deserve to know why it is important to choose ethical fashion.  As a new ethical fashion blogger, I am beginning to integrate more socially conscious purchases into my wardrobe.  The pieces may be 2xs more expensive that what you normally purchase, but think of it this way, they last 3-4xs as long and give back to the world, so that alone is a worthwhile investment.  The only difference now is that you can buy less clothes, but the ones you will own are better for the community, the environment, and yourself (natural dyes etc).  Why not want a better life for yourself?  What are your thoughts?

Quality > Quantity

 Project Have Hope Extra Long Multi Color Necklace  made of rolled and colored magazine strips. Project Have Hope works with a group of 100 women in the Acholi Quarter of Uganda and helps them transform their lives and the lives of their families. Through the sale of their beautiful, handmade paper bead jewelry, the women can feed their families, send their children to school, and look forward to a richer future.

Green Tree Earrings, laser cut key and lock earrings. The Goal at Green Tree Jewelry is to create unique designs that are made entirely from renewable and recycled materials. Made in the USA.

Upcycled. This was a project which took a few days between my and my BFF. I purchased a green denim jacket from my local salvation army then cut off the arms, bleached it(although it is still green), then we used a seam ripped to frey it.  We then bought a 1/2 yard of creme lace, doubled it up, dip-dyed it, cut it into a cross, and sewed it on the back with my sewing machine.  Finally, we purchased spikes which we screwed on the shoulders.  It's so fun taking something old and making everything new.  Looking at the impact: the bleach wasn't very environmentally friendly, and actually was a total waste because it did nothing to the vest, and the dyes purchased were from the local craft store and were probably not environmentally firendly.  But we were able to save money, have fun, and reuse something old.

High Low Maxi Skirt
This lovely maxi skirt is made from repurposed remnant jersey material by women in Cambodia.  A slight high-low effect in the front gives this skirt a beautiful flowy feature.  These eco-friendly skirts help empower at-risk women in Phnom Penh, Cambodia to provide for their families. Raven + Lily also returns proceeds to fund health care and literacy programs for this partnership.

Handmade Sneakers
Shadow Low Top by Inkkas. Vegan, handmade, fair trade... GORGEOUS!  Inkkas is a fair trade company that also partners with Trees for The Future and for every shoe sold, they plan a tree.  All of their textiles are from local communities.  I actually purcahsed the shoes through an online retailer, Modavanti, because it was a better deal (with my discount codes) hehehe.  Also, through Modavanti, every sale you also give 2% to our amazing charity partners who are working to improve the fashion industry.  "This way we can ensure that you look good, feel good and do good in what you wear."

I am totally loving the Inkkas kickstarter campaign more than any of their other videos, so I chose to share this one.  Enjoy!

Inkkas - Kickstarter from The Base Studio on Vimeo.

Finding God's Grace,

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  1. LOVE this Christine! Such a great piece and especially appreciated the honesty of you mentioning which of your pieces were ethical and which ones weren't.

  2. Anonymous27.3.14

    Love this post Christine!! Thank you for being honest about which clothing pieces were ethical and which ones weren't too!

  3. Love your outfit - your skirt is beautiful! You definitely remind me of a mermaid :)

  4. Rocker pocahontas!!! And don't be fooled by my engagement thing status on my fb profile haha.. Just participating on april fools... <3

  5. Anonymous6.4.14

    Love you Girlie !
    Awesome job. your dedication to what you believe in is amazing, Keep it up !


  6. Love your maxi dress...
    Keep in touch


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