Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Week: The Comfort of a Home

Glasses | Firmoo (same here)
Vintage Bird Blazer | Choies 
Black Skater Dress (work as a shirt) | Persun mall
Creme Tulle Skirt | Element Style Boutique
Black Bracelet | Inner City Threads (this brand helpsfeed the community!)

Fashion bloggers, you can join Firmoo to try out their eyewear too. Check it out here.


Oh my gosh, Happy Christmas Week! I love Sundays, and this is the beginning of Jesus' birthday week which makes it even more exciting!  Something I've been thinking about lately is how important it is to remember how big of a blessing it is to live in a home.  Shelter is a big deal, and it isn't a front and center thought for most people who live in homes or apartments to realize what a blessings it is to afford a shelter.  Never forget that.  By the way, isn't my cousin's living room just GORGEOUS!?  Also, I wanted to point out the black with gold bracelet I am wearing!  It's made by local community artists in Fresno, California.  Along the lines of buying local, think about what buying fair trade and it's impact.  If buying from local artisans helps stimulate our local economy, buying fair trade products can help rebuild communities abroad.  Learn more on buying fair trade fashion here and browse some fair trade brands here.

"Even if you start with small pieces,
it's great to make the effort to begin buying
local, from people whose businesses
are helping rebuild their communities and cities!" 

My black bracelet bracelet was a gift from my aunt.  She got if from Inner City Threads. "Inner City Threads is an urban "community" brand of fashionable attire.Our company is built on our community of local designers and with each purchase, our brand donates to organizations that serve the homeless within our communities." - Inner City Threads Facebook Page  
Cool, huh? :) Remember to keep CHRIST in CHRISTmas!

Wishing you a very very Merry Christmas,
Christine (a trying sister in Christ)

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  1. Home sweet home. Nice pictures and you look great.

  2. Beautiful Christine =) Merry Christmas.. Hugs from me =)

  3. Love this blazer - it looks great on you! And your glasses are awesome!

  4. Staying at home looks so peacefull and it is such an amazing blazer ;)

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  6. very true, nothing better than home.. and lovely look..
    your new follower following u via GFc and G +, care to add back

  7. love the photos and the coat and the firmoo glasses!!lovely post.

    I have an on-going giveaway on my blog. Hope you can drop by and join.

    It will mean a lot to me.



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