Saturday, October 12, 2013

To Love Again Contest Winner: Christine

Based on the To Love Again blog post, this Twitter  - Facebook - Blogger campaign aims to create a platform to safely feel inspired to share insecurities and overcome them.   This campaign focuses on helping all of us create a more positive outlook for us to use when self-reflecting and looking out at the world.

Meet Christine. Christine is the second of the 4 lovely ladies that make up this campaign!  Christine is definitely one of the most humble and down-to-Earth people I have had the chance to meet in college. I love how she is a hard worker, but doesn't take herself too seriously, and when she does, she takes effort to come back to terms with herself and reality.  A huge part of Christine's life is living out her faith.  As a devout Catholic, she makes the effort to go to daily mass and dress conservatively yet fun, so her quirky personality can shine through.  

Throughout Christine's photoshoot, we spoke about our insecurities.  Turns out that just the week before, she had spoken about her insecurities with another friend then saw this campaign and decided to enter the contest!  Christine's insecurities aren't so much based on her external appearance  but more on how she communicates with others.  She spoke to me about one of her insecurities use to be having acne, which is something one of the other #ToLoveAgain winners struggles with.  Christine's current insecurities are more intrinsic than external.  As a part of Christine's new outlook, she wants to learn to trust.   When it comes to trust, Christine wants to learn to trust guys.  How many of us have trouble trusting guys? I am sure many of us just raised our eyebrows or did a little nod to ourselves.  This is similar to what Paige shared.  But most of all, Christine wishes to better transmit Christ's love in all that she does, especially when it comes to giving to others.  

"If we are all worried about different things, 
it isolates us.  If everyone would just 
realize we are all insecure we could worry less 
about ourselves... and spend more time 
doing things that help us and help others."

I took this quote from Christine, which you can see more of in the behind the scenes video posted below.  I love how she is a very curious spirit.  She likes to learn and when she feels as though she may be stepping into any type of pretentious mindset, she tries to keep herself in check.  Something I relate to with Christine is how she wishes to emit Christ in her actions.  Although it is hard to constantly do what the Lord wants, if we truly love Him, Christ will be on our minds and in our hearts and our actions will reflect that. :)  Thank you Christine for reminding us of this!

Please leave comments on this post encouraging Christine and sharing what insecurities you have overcome or are dealing with right now.  Be sure to check back here over the next 2 weeks to meet the other 2 campaign ladies!!

Dear Christine,

Thank you for reminding me how important it is to keep Christ at the core of my outlook.  Thank you for sharing your insecurities with me and my readers!  Remember that we all can not be perfect our whole lives, and ignorance is a part of growing up.  Don't be hard on yourself for being ignorant at times.  Knowledge comes with time and experiences.  Be humble enough to ask for help when you need it and confident enough to live our your love for Christ out loud!  You are an inspiration for all of us whose insecurities lie in our outlook on life and our actions towards others. Stay wonderful and a princess of the Lord!

With Love,

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