Thursday, August 22, 2013

Presidential Status #POTUS

President Barack Obama Comes to the University at Buffalo
"Waking up at 4am to see the president? No biggie!" 

Waking up at 4am to be among the first in line to hear the president speak at the Univeristy at Buffalo is not something I do everyday, and definitely not every summer.  Did you know the sun isn't up at 4am? haha.  After grabbing breakfast, my friends and I got in line to wait (and wait and wait) in line for the president.  Passing by the secret service and heavy security made me feel a bit official.  (On A Separate Note: I spy an attractive secret service man).  The seating was first come first serve, which means that the closer you are to the door, the closer you can be to the president!  Remember how I spent Tuesday waiting 7 hours in line from 10:30am-5:30pm to obtain a general admission ticket? Well, come to find out, the students who won the ticket giveaway, which I did not win, had assigned seating on the bleachers behind the president.  
I am glad I did not win the student ticket giveaway but instead waited for a general admissions ticket with Jas  for those hot 7 hours of summer because the general admissions tickets were the best in the house!  I was eye level to President Obama's podium and almost directly in front of Mr. President.  This was much more exciting for Jas than me, because she loves politics, but I was glad to be there to support her interests and hear our president.  
President Obama spoke about the importance of keeping college tuition low.   The video clip above summarizes his points, and below that is his full speech.  His proposal regarding "college affordability" includes creating a new college ranking system which takes into consideration the price of colleges. I wasn't overwhelmingly impressed by the content of his speech, however, he is a very vibrant speaker! But don't take my word for it, you can listen to the speech yourself. = )

Shoutout to David!  I wish you were there with me, I know you would have really enjoyed the experience! 

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