Sunday, May 19, 2013

Organic Cotton Pencil Skirt 3 Ways

So excited for this week because I am doing a 3 for 1 look! Do I hear eco fashion? Oh yea.  Do I hear sustainable fashion? Ooooh yeaa.  Do I hear ethical, eco friendly fashion? Heck yea, girly!  Why does this matter? When the process that makes our fashion creates less waste and less toxic pollution we are helping keep our planet healthier- and our air and the fishies in the seas too! Learn more about toxic clothes from this post on Listen Girlfriends.

Centered around a sea blue organic cotton pencil skirt from Ecolissa, I have created three looks essential for the young ambitious summer college woman.  Yippie! I am attending two conferences this summer and in light of that, I was compelled to create a conference look. Then, I thought about how I never over pack(major skills) when I go to conferences because I make each piece versatile.  This brought forth the second look, which is super cute to go out after the conference during the free dinner (or shopping or window shopping) time allotted. And the last one I made as a challenge for myself! I used the organic cotton pencil skirt to create a super casual look- I started off inspired by the 90s, then who knows what happened...hahaha. The outcome is cute, I think. ^_^
Let me know what you think in the comment section below! <3

Organic Cotton Pencil Skirt | c/o Ecolissa     Blouse | Marshalls
Organic Cotton Pencil Skirt | c/o Ecolissa     Purse | Laci Boutique    Belt | Lola    Blouse | Dry Goods

Organic Cotton Pencil Skirt | c/o Ecolissa     Top | Lola   Shoes | Toms
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I don't have much to share today. I am happy that my summer started, but my summer internship is beginning soon. I like doing research internships, but I miss being a kid with no responsibilities. Who is with me on that one?  Moreover, I am currently, continuously at awe at the beauty of life and people, and relationships, and families. <3 Once again I see the blessings I have been given, especially the relationship I have with my brothers.  It's tough to keep a good relationship with siblings, but I think I have the best siblings I could have ever asked for!  When I want to get super upset, which I do sometimes, I always remember that they are so beautifully created, and that family comes first! Amen!

As for my life... I went to an human trafficking awareness task force training and it was AMAZING! It was SUCH a blessing because it helped clear questions I had and set a more clear path as to where I should be taking my next step to help end trafficking. I am working with someone to approach people with prestige in my city so that we can help pass the TVPJA bill (Trafficking Victims Protection & Justice Act.)  Why? Because... Currently, in New York State, it is only a misdemeanor to sex traffic a child! Also, children who are trafficked are treated as criminals, in some cases.


We need to increase punishments so that we can decrease the supply of children being sold for sex! Want to do something so that the children of New York State have less of a chance of being sold for sex? Click here to go to the TVPJA website to see how you can write a letter (make sure to get it in the mail box) or make a phone call to help change this!

May the Lord guide your day today,

P.S. Shout out to my girl Amanda, best wishes finding your "you" Bible verse!

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  1. That skirt is SO cute! The first look is my fav!


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