Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Truman Prep I What is Wrong with Being Happy?

This lovely cotton dress was a gift to me from eShaki.  The nice thing is that each of their pieces are customizable.  This means that I was able to order this dress right above my knees which means I can wear it to church... with a cover-up of course.  I also customized the sleeves. So many dresses are WAY too short... where are the good old days where dresses actually covered skin?  I say no thank you to looking like a  "hoochie."  

Let's all make a pact to keep private places private... YES I just said that.

50s Sundress | eShaki    "Fleur de Lis" Earrings | Ecolissa    Wedges | UO

The countdown is on! 13 more days until my Truman finalist interview.  If you are not up to date with what I am referring to, definitely check out my earlier post HERE.  Basically, a
$30,000 scholarship for graduate school and once-in-a lifetime leadership training in Washington, D.C. is at stake.  I want this scholarship so that I can be the best Christine there is to offer to the world, and of course I want to do this by fighting to end human trafficking!  If you are on twitter you should definitely blow up your feed with #FreedomFighter and #HumanTrafficking to create a buzz and bring attention to slavery... I do.

My first official practice interview took place today.  Let's say I was two hops and a lily pad away from plunging into the lake of eternal tears.  This is of course an exaggeration, and I am not a frog.  I feel a bit conflicted because I am told that I am "too happy and giggly and you smile too much."
"Slap me in the face and call
 me Aunt Sally... who is to
 tell me I smile too much?"
I came to a realization today.  My "sad-self" is equivalent to every-day people's "normal-self." My "normal-self" is equivalent to people's "happy-self."  My "happy-self" is a off the charts, non-existence emotion for the typical every-day humanoid (yes, I totally made that word up.)  For this reason the panel told me that I am too happy and smile too much.  I shall work on being more assertive and convincing.  If I were in court with my proposal to help educate students in ALL states about human trafficking to prevent this problem I would have to be assertive and convincing.  BRING IT ON!

Sad disclaimer: Even my mother is a bit confused about how I can be so happy without it being superficial and fake... I confuse people (he he he).

The joy I see in every person, because they hold a piece of the Lord in them, is what brings me joy.  So many things in life contributed to bring me to where I am today.  I have to say,"although I may not always have the highest self-esteem possible, I am very pleased with how I am fulfilling my life to bring joy to others."  If I could do anything with one last day in my life, I would want to spend that day bringing the joy I have in my heart to the most hurt and vulnerable.  How about you?

I also wanted to point out these gorgeous earrings Melissa from Ecolissa gave to me to wear for my Truman interview! Isn't that amazing! This is so wonderful, because I am taking a turn in my life and have committed to be a #ConsciousConsumer and only purchase fashions that are ethical and sustainable.  This means no slaves making it and no killing my earth...I mean our earth.  Definitely check out Ecolissa!

Type in "Eco20" at the checkout for 20% off your entire order!

Save the planet, save your self, save the world, live, love, and smile!

On a fashion-blogger hysteria right now,

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Photos, Courtesy of Peach and Lily


  1. Anonymous14.3.13

    Haha, I get people telling me that I'm happy all the time too-and it's ussually exactly after I start to feel happy :'(
    But I usually blush and walk away before continuing whatever song I was accidentally singing out loud again. Don't worry! People love happy People <3 You'll do awesome

  2. very inspiring text....and the photos are great, you look so lovely:)

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    Hope you've had a terr-ific Tuesday so far!

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  4. Love that dress and the color! I love your blog, I followed on GFC and bloglovin.

    Beautiful girl (:


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  8. Love it! the dress really look cute on you =) you can do it Christine =) good luck =)

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  11. Pretty look dear :D
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