Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Truman Interview | Day 2 & Truman Dinner

Hey, y'all so I had my Truman interview today! But first I want to share all the amazing photos and experiences from yesterday!  Post from today's interview is coming later today... I know, you will have to wait. VUWAHAHAH! :p

Afternoon mass, then off to Central Park to check out some street dancers with David!

Central Park.  It was on my bucket list to take pictures on my pointe shoes in Central Park.  Well, I actually don't have a bucket list.  This was more of a strong desire.  I was blessed to be able to go to NYC by the Ronald E. McNair Program and the Honors College at my University.  Above are the street dancers, if that is even what they are called. I'm not quite sure. 

 Sushi is my favorite food. This was the first time David has shrimp dumplings. Such a deprived child! Just kidding.  Anyways, we were able to talk about our interviews to come.  It was so nice to spend time with someone and feel comfortable with the actual interview!

I was obnoxious and asked David to take pictures of me all day, by the way.  Sorry about that David! >.< Thank you for your contribution to Beyoutiful Hope! ^_^

Truman Pre-interview Dinner.  This outfit below was for my pre-interview dinner.  The dinner was at 7:30pm at Rosa Mexicano in Lincoln Center, NYC.  A past Truman hosted it for us, which was such a caring gesture because it showed that he felt that we were worth investing in! ^_^  This lovely organic cotton skirt was from Ecolissa! Do you know that every 30 seconds a farmer in India commits suicide? I learned all about Organic cotton farming and how supporting organic farmers helps decrease suicide and helps prevent human trafficking(labor trafficking) on my favorite Top 5 blog, Listen Girlfriends.  See the spectacular post HERE and learn how you too can help change the world through your conscious consumption.  Beware, if you like fashion and like using your brain, her blog is addictiiiiiiiiiiiive!!!

Blouse | c/o Sugarlips   Skirt | c/o Ecolissa   Clutch | c/o Christopher Straub with Maurices

The day went by well!  Way better than the first day where I was getting acclimated and felt lonely and quite unhappy.  This day was bright.  I got to explore Central Park, check out the shops and then end the day with the dinner!  I was so tired and got around 5 hours of sleep before my Truman interview the next day! And that post, my friend, is going to be up in a few hours! <3

La la la, 

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  1. Anonymous27.3.13

    Thanks to David from me! The pictures are amazing :)

  2. happy that everything went well for you!

  3. Our gratitude to David!

  4. Anonymous29.3.13

    You are amazing


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