Monday, March 25, 2013

Truman Interview | Arrival in NYC

[I literally changed my outfit each time I left the hotel... grand total of 3 outfits today! Why not?]
Blouse | c/o Sugarlips     Pants | Free People    Boots | Clarks

2 hours of sleep, waking up at 7am, giving my mama many hugs and besitos, morning class, then my wonderful adviser brought me to the airport.  The plane ride was super fast, especially since I slept all 45 minutes of it.  I didn't drool, surprisingly.  What was wonderful was that no one sat next to me, so I was able to buckle up my purse with my camera (Lolita) in the seat.  Necessary? No.  Adorable? Absolutely!

What was a shocker upon exiting my airplane? The air quality immediately bothered my head. =.=  Talk about problems of a child with a sensitive nose!  I would not make it in Beijing!  Anyhow, I did a bit of exploring today... more like talked on each side of the hotel...but anyways, I am right by The Julliard School and the theater where the American Ballet Theater and New York City Ballet perform.

"I walked into Julliard and teared up a bit 
because I was standing in a place where 
aspiring artists' dreams come true.  I am so
happy for each of those students."

I plan on going back in tomorrow and seeing if I can take pictures of some of the students...but there is this security detector thing in the building...looks pretty intimidating.  As for my whereabouts, I am staying at the Empire Hotel in Manhattan.  It is nice, with a modern look.  Although, I feel lonely because I am use to having my family to share with.  Every time I am away from my family I realized how much I rely on their love and care.  Distance makes the heart fonder?  Distance brings attention to absence of what you love.

I am currently sitting in the bar lounge drinking a huuuuge thaaang of H20 in a nice comfy brown suede seat typing away.  I am so ready for my Truman interview on Wednesday! It is like I have all this knowledge that needs to be shared or I may very well emotionally explode.  Tomorrow I am going out and about in the concrete wonderland which is called NYC with fellow finalist, David, as my guide.  I am very excited to see what it is that people fall in love with in NYC.  Oh yes, tomorrow is also the pre-interview dinner for the Truman Scholarship. 2 days left until the actual interview. Keep me in your prayers.  I need strength and focus.  Tangential thought: I am going to mass tomorrow at a near by R.C. Church, and that is like the highlight of my day tomorrow, it seems like I haven't been with Jesus in forever... but Sunday was just yesterday...what is this?

SHOUT OUT | Deeksha, Susan, Ben, Anna, Titi Tere, Nadia, Lynn, Cheryl, Zulqarnain & Josh ... THANK YOU all for reaching out to me today and yesterday and wishing me the best and for the encouragement. It means a lot to me that you keep me in your prayers.  I was SO surprised you remembered... although I do talk about this non-stop. hehehe. ^-^ You all rock! mmhm!

Also, thank you to my mentors, Elizabeth, Sarah, Shin, Dr. Ott and Heather, you all helped me get this far! Thank you for always giving me support in my events and academics! You make UB a college I like!

Small Town Girl at Heart Just Trying to Live Life,

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