Thursday, March 7, 2013

Buffalo StartUp: 2nd Place Winner!

Okay, you know those times when something really great happens to you but the first moment you don't realize it happened to you because you psyched yourself out so that in the case this thing did not happen to you, you would not be devastated?

"Okay, I admit that was
 me talking in circles."

What I wanted to share was that I won 2nd place at Buffalo StartUp Weekend (Entrepreneurial Business Start Up Competition)!  The only other time I have won a big foam check was when I won the Maurices Mainstreet Model Contest back in 2010.  That check benefited my favorite charity.  This was a bit more selfish because the money I won can be used on myself.  It is funny, because I am not use to winning things for myself.

"It is a new kind of feeling, it makes 
me feel like I myself am special, 
but not in the way 
that I normally feel special."  

I think it is that this was gratifying for myself, whereas I normally do things for the benefit of others and serve as the inter-mediator.  Honestly, the only reason I attended Buffalo StartUp this time, I went in November 2012, was for Truman preparation.

"Yes, Truman interview preparation 
has and will be my life until March 26th."  

I wanted to attend StartUp so that I could learn how to confidently speak with strangers and clearly communicate my ideas.  So many times I feel like my mind doesn't connect fast enough to my mouth.  Although this is a barrier in some situations, I can always look to my other strengths to help overcome this.  I also wanted to take this opportunity to present in front of strangers.  I went into #SWBuffalo simply seeking an opportunity to better enhance my public speaking for the Truman preparation and emerged winning 2nd place with my team.  This meant $500, a New Era cap, and 3 days worth of amazing food! =D Meet the team below!

Looktag Team!

Oh right, you may be wondering what this was.  You may also recognize that I look like a cheesy bum, which I am okay with.  Moving on...we created a site for fashion lovers who want versatility in apparel selection, and this is all I will say for now.  Leave your guess in the comments!

After awards, I sat down with my team and an investor who was interested in our idea.  It was scary.  I felt like 50% of what I said was unnecessary.  I had only heard of investor meetings before.  It was very interesting that I was now in one. Little old me, Christine.

Now I want to share some pictures from after the event.  I had been craving ice cream all weekend! I gave up sugary dessert food for lent, and since it was Sunday, I fully embraced my opportunity to have SUGARRRR!!!  Below please find proper directions on how to be a fatty when you are with a friend.

How to be a Fatty:
Step 1
Approach a high calorie parlor and sit in a booth
Step 2
Be sure you order more calories then your friend
Step 3
When she orders, make sure you have more than her, even if it means adding more toppings

Bonus   Do not exercise that day
Warning   These steps may cause temporary happiness and long term cellulite... Enjoy!

It's just me,

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Event photos courtesy of Nickel City Graphics.


  1. Congrats! I wish you had won 1st place but the most important thing is that you had fun! What will you do with all that cash?! Congrats again of winning 2nd place!

  2. congrats girl (: and i laughed reading the "how to be a fatty," haha! you are brilliant.
    following you now (:





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